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Interview at CNNMoney Switzerland

We were at CNNMoney Switzerland to show that managing stress and increasing productivity is as simple as breathing and moving at your desk.

Stress represents a loss of productivity of CHF 6,5 Mio. per year for Swiss companies
— Job Stress Index 2018


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“Her approach is so easy to use and could help many people in companies.”

I shared the stage with Elodie Caucigh at the Meetup “Happiness @ work in Zurich”. With her professionalism and deep knowledge, Elodie explained & showed us great exercises to do directly at our desk in order to relax or regain energy at work. I am amazed to see how her approach is so easy to use and could help many people in companies.

— Aurelie L. Founder & Chief Happiness Officer at Happitude at work

With your session our event became even more successful.

Elodie's methods can instantly change your life. With breathing, little movements and the awareness of the moment - she teaches you in a few seconds how you can relax! Thank you for being part of our Event! With your session it became even more successful.

— Tanja G.S. Project manager Group Leader at DrivenWoman

“It is a real gift.”

You can apply the teachings anywhere and everywhere, a practical and invaluable tool for stressful moments or transitionary times when you need to unwind. I use some of the techniques she has taught me when shooting, both for myself and my subjects. You can change your posture, your breath, your whole outlook in a couple of sessions.

— Innes W. Freelance Photographer, Storyteller


I find Elodie being such a positive presence while so strong and driven towards offering others alternatives to feel more relaxed and productive at work.

— Daniela D. Data Architect at Amazon Web Services


“Die Beste Entscheidung überhaupt!”

Vor kurzem durfte ich in den Genuss von einer Session mit Elodie kommen. Es war zuerst schwierig sich die Zeit dafür zu nehmen, denn der Kopf ist voll mit Sachen die man noch erledigen muss und man ist in Gedanken bei den ganzen Terminen die noch stattfinden. Man ist gestresst und hetz und das jeden Tag auf’s Neue. Dennoch konnte ich innerhalb von ein paar Minuten total entspannen und den kompletten Alltagsstress vergessen. Ich fühlte mich erholt und Energiegeladen. Tja, manchmal muss man sich eben zum Glück zwingen :-)

Elodie hat eine super Ausstrahlung und eine sehr positive Energie. Die Ruhe und Gelassenheit, die sie während der Session erzeugt hat, war einfach unglaublich. Das war die Beste Entscheidung überhaupt!

— Anna D. HR Assistant at Leo Burnett

“Try it!!!”

I attended one of Elodie's workshops and I found her solutions simple and actionable. We often maintain a high level of stress in our minds, but we can actually turn it off by using our body. The key to reduce stress is to listen to the subtle (or less so) signs your body sends you. 1 or 2 minutes is enough to get your balance back.

She shared with us a set of three cards with straight forward exercises to get there. These cards can be shared in the office space to remind us how we can release stress or tension at work. I can definitely see how Elodie's services can make a difference in our workspaces.

— Sergio P. Global Marketing Director Gucci Fragrances at Coty Luxury

“I learned simple exercises that I can use throughout the week.”

The one hour sessions during lunch time turned out to be mini vacations from the hustle and bustle of my work. What's more, in her classes I learned simple exercises that I can use throughout the week to make me feel better, e.g. breathing to get an energy boost, shoulder stretches to relieve tension after long sessions at the computer or a position that helps me get focused again. The exercises are simple and don't require any special equipment or clothing, so there is a low threshold to actually do them in "real life". I also enjoy Elodie's cheerful, calm and unpretentious teaching style.

— Udo S. Business photographer at Fotofabrik



Meet the Team


Elodie Caucigh

Corporate Wellbeing Officer & Founder of REAL EASE, Elodie left her career in advertising to educate companies about the needs and immediate benefits of wellbeing at work. In corporate workshops, at conferences and in interviews, she demonstrates why and how investing in Corporate Wellbeing helps businesses reach their goals while reducing turnover, stress and health-related costs. Her vision is to make wellbeing, productivity and stress management skills accessible to every employee worldwide, directly at their desk, when and where they need it most. Together with Nurish Mind, she co-leads the first Lean In circle dedicated to occupational health in Switzerland.

Kasia Kopanska

Kasia is a teacher of mindful eating based on Mindful Eating - Conscious Living program (ME-CL), biology scientist and holds a PhD in nutrition from the University of Cambridge. Together with REAL EASE, she co-leads Work Health Balance, a multidisciplinary corporate wellbeing program designed to give professionals the skills to operate at their best at work, on physical, emotional and cognitive levels. She is Founder of Nurish Mind which supports people who struggle with food, emotions, and cravings in their professional and personal environments. Her methods bring complementary perspectives through creative playing, scientific education and compassionate support.

Sylwia Orczykowska

Sylwia is a multifaceted Creative Producer, Art Director & Founder of Little Lady Funk. Offering photo shooting & video production, she also excels in creative services, including art direction and graphic design with more than 10 years experience in creative business worldwide. Her long-term partnership with REAL EASE encompasses a wide array of creative solutions from co-production of video content, event photography to graphic design. With further cooperations with Lean In Switzerland and Nurish Mind, she supports social impact organisations and brands in the area of gender equality and wellbeing.