Stress management & productivity at your desk: on awareness (part 3).

All we need to start living a more sustainable and empowered business life is to breathe and to move consciously, and this can only happen if you are aware of it. To wrap up our series of articles following our interview on CNNMoney Switzerland last week, we will show you how and why awareness is the base of everything, from wellbeing to productivity including stress management.

It all starts with awareness.

Whether you are using your breath or learning to move consciously at your desk, everything starts with awareness. This means being aware of your body, of your state of mind and of your current mood or energy level. Unlike what we may think at first, awareness is actually simple to develop and to use every single day in our business and personal lives, while we work, commute, sit, walk or stand up. And REAL LIFE YOGA gives you exactly the right methods for that, wherever you are, online or directly at your desk and only in a few minutes.

Awareness is simple to develop and to use every single day in our business and personal lives.


Awareness, your new favourite business perk.

By being aware and acting directly on how our body feels and how our breath flows, not only are we helping our body release physical tensions and our nervous system respond accordingly to what we need, but we can boost our psychological and emotional well-being. As we become more aware in our corporate environment, we can start to actively take care of our self while we work and this makes us feel empowered and more positive about ourselves. From a state of being stressed and overworked, we can choose and make the change to a state in which we feel safe, conscious and in control of our well-being and this brings us to a major shift in the way we work and live our business life.

How to start bringing more awareness, step by step into your busy life?

Simply taking a minute every now and then to tune in, observing your breath and listening to your body. It is simple, takes only a minute and does not require you to go anywhere or to change clothes, so you may just as well try it right away, really. For more information about how being aware can empower your life, read on this article: The power of awareness & how to start using it today.

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