The practice of resilience. How to start using it today?

In our previous article we introduced resilience and explained how crucial this can be in the life of every entrepreneur and business professional. Now, how can we develop this and incorporate it in all areas of our lives? Each of us can use more resilience in any part of our day, at work, on the go and at home, and here is a way to do this.

Pause, step back and breathe.

It is easy to bit ourself up for a situation, a project or a conversation in which we met a dead end. Although it is now past and done, we can still feel the tension and stress in our body. Our mind replays all the things that could have been said or done differently and we attribute fault awards to everyone involved in the show. Say you missed your tram this morning and are running late for an important meeting. Your are now reviewing the scene, blaming yourself and your cat for everything that went wrong the same morning: from snoozing the alarm to spilling coffee on your shirt; to forgetting to feed the said cat and having to get back in to do so, etc… Now how useful is this dramatic replay to help you go forward? Are you choosing to spoil your valuable time and energy on this or can you wipe off the table and make room for new solutions, for instance getting yourself a uber or calling a colleague to inform about your 5min delay in a sound and calm voice? 

Take a moment to step out mentally of the replay and breathe deeply, preferably in your belly. You can trick your system into reminding yourself that you are safe and that this experience was not the end of the world, whatever its outcome, simply by breathing in your abdomen. You will find yourself free and relax to respond in a better and more constructive way, whatever happened before.

You can trick your system into reminding yourself that you are safe and that this experience was not the end of the world.

Flip the switch from self-loathing to resourcefulness.

The place and set up are the same, the only element that changes is your perspective on this situation. If you replay the faults and guilt related to a past situation that went wrong, indulging your negative self-talk and your inner-critic to rule your thoughts, you are unconsciously choosing to maintain your level of stress. Mentally and physiologically speaking. Just notice how your shallow breath and tensions in your body directly translate and manifest this state of mind. Now you have the choice and as you breathe deeply and allow your all system to calm down, you can feel how tension releases, how this feeling of stress reduces itself naturally. Your mind is slowly uncluttering itself from the negative clouds and allows you to think and see clearly for new solutions and resourceful ways to act upon the present situation. Instead of running around on your way to this meeting and arriving out of breath, confused and tense, you can calm yourself down while waiting for the next tram and use these few minutes to visualise yourself entering the meeting room with calm, poise and confidence.


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