Change does not happen in workshops, not even after.

Are you looking for the next workshop or program to get your team enrolled in, hoping that this will bring your people through a major shift and successful learning experience for your business? Well I am sorry to tell you this, but no matter the workshop it will not quite get you there. Why? This is what I am sharing with you today.

Among the many inspirational insights I received at the Hacking HR event in Zurich last week, there is another one I wanted to share with you and it is about learning. Or rather unlearning. So-Young Kang, Chief Energizer at gnowbe, a mobile first platform for micro-learning, got us to face this appalling fact: according to adult learning research, you will forget what you have learned even in the best and most insightfully life changing workshop after 2,5 days. Well, this is worth investing premiums in programs for your top executives, isn’t it?

The solution to this is simple: to actually retain the valuable information and knowledge we have gathered until we can proudly say we have made it our own, we need to learn, to think, to apply, to share and to have fun. Naturally, this requires a little bit of commitment and motivation if you are going to spend the time to apply these new skills and share them with others in order to integrate them. But since fun shall be part of the process too and that a few minutes every now and then will do the job for you, it is even better and easier to learn that way. And this is exactly what you can do with gnowbe. The micro-learning content has been developed for your phone primarily, so it is always accessible for you to use anytime and anywhere you are. We all know how much time we spend on these devices so why not use them to learn something new while we are at it?

On top of agreeing completely with these insightful findings that are supported by research, I also realised that this is exactly what I was implementing with the REAL LIFE YOGA coaching for business and private clients. Although we do run workshops for companies and discovery calls for private clients, these are a first, fun and necessary step to raise awareness. Where the real magic happens though, is in the coaching.

It is by giving you simple methods to relax on the spot or to get more energy and focus within a few minutes in the moment you need them, that you can truly make these methods your own and integrate them in the way you operate in your job. Using and applying the tips as you go through your daily life at work, is what brings you closer to an empowered self, in control of your reactions and level of energy no matter what is happening around you. This is how you can truly learn to manage stress and be more productive and resilient in your business life, without compromising your health. And with our online tips and short “how to” videos that we share with you directly on WhatsApp when you need them, you are all set to repeat, apply and even share these valuable tips with your friends, family and colleagues.

Let’s not wait any longer before learning how to live a better, more successful and empowered life, at work, at home or on the go. Schedule your FREE 30min discovery call with us, whether it is for you or for your business. We will take it from there and look forward to hearing from you.