Sick leaves and talent retention, the solution starts with awareness.

To follow our series on awareness and how this can help you address core issues in your business, let’s look at the kind of answers you can get as you investigate a bit deeper into the daily problematics of work life. For any issue such as talent retention, productivity, sick leaves and stress management, it pays off to listen to what your employees have to say and for them to listen to what their body tells them. Without judging, blaming nor labelling, once you start observing carefully, you will be surprise as to what insights have been hiding and waiting for you to notice them.

Awareness gives you genuine answers.

This surely is the greatest value of being aware and this is true at any level. Once you are willing, as a team, as a business or as a person to reflect and to listen without judgement, you will find yourself surrounded with genuine, honest and therefore helpful solutions. Have you been calling sick more than ever before? Oh, is this because of your recurring back pain? Well, how is your posture while you work at your desk all day? You don’t know? Then perhaps it is time to pay attention to this, at least once in a while. Maybe you can also find moments to stretch a little bit on your chair and to move when you sense the first signs of discomfort. See how allowing yourself to be aware of the reason behind your sick days can give you a first few insights as to why this happens and what you could do to release these tensions and perhaps also to prevent those from adding up?

Awareness start with your self.

Like everything in this world, if you start exploring what’s happening inside you, you will be able to shed some light on what’s on the surface. In this way, you might be able to trace back general issues such as lack of motivation and low performance to the plausible the source of this lack. And this does not always require hours of therapy or dozens of appointments to come to such insights. Already by allowing yourself to become aware of the issue, by asking yourself openly why this happens to you and to take your body in consideration when inquiring about this, you can already gain valuable insights. 

How can corporate yoga helps.

If you wish to implement more moments of self-awareness in your daily life and with your team at work, our REAL LIFE YOGA methods help you do exactly that, directly at your desk. You don’t need an hour nor to change clothes for this. What we do is giving you tools and methods such as breathing techniques and simple movements in our workshops, event sessions and videos, so that you can learn to breathe naturally, to tune in with your self regularly, to check your posture and your body sensations directly on the spot. It is accessible to you and to everyone in your team, so that you can all feel better, more empowered, relaxed and motivated in your day to day work.

Releasing physical and psychological tension is easier than you think and it can be done directly at work.

Releasing physical and psychological tension is easier than you think and it can be done directly at work.

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