What we forget when investing in a startup… And no, it’s not about money.

When you start your own business, you set up a budget and look for best strategies to finance your project. Do I inject my own capital, apply for a microcredit or pitch to investors? Even though financial capital is an important factor in the start of your own company, most of us overlook the health capital that we are going to invest no matter what. So let me show you why it is so crucial.

One third of the new businesses who fail in the first 3 years, do because of health issues (source: Bundesamt für Statistik). This is the input that caught my attention las evening at an event on microcredit for small business owner organized by Unternehmehrinen Events in Zurich. Think about it, every third entrepreneur will fail because its health decides otherwise. Not because their financial planning was bad or because they made poor strategic decisions - those are other reasons why entrepreneurs give up, yet the rates here are not even higher than the health-related ones.

One third of the new businesses who fail in the first 3 years, do because of health issues.

So what does this tell us and what can we do about it? From my perspective, being an entrepreneur myself and coaching business professionals to be at their best in their day-to-day job without compromising their health, it comes down to two factors:

We are unaware of our body.

For most of us, our mind takes the lead when we work and the body is given attention only again after work when we go to the gym, on the weekend or on holidays. So unless our body hurts or starts functioning properly we do not listen to it.

As entrepreneurs, we become our own boss.

This means we set our working hours, our pace and expectations. And most of the time, self-criticism and self-judgment will be just around the corner to make us work even harder, longer and deprive our body and mind for time-off, breaks and self-care.

The bottom-line is simple: be mindful and aware of your body. Take regular breaks to move from your chair, take a deep relaxing breath into your belly a few times during the day. Use your mind to pair up with your body in this intense and exciting adventure of entrepreneurship, because this is how you will make the most out of it. When your body is being listened to and given what it needs – movement, enough oxygen, rest, care and stretches to release tension – then it helps your mind be clearer. Then only it allows you to operate at a much higher and more sustainable level.

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