How to make the most out of the space behind your eyes.

The ones among us who have been to a yoga class know that their favourite part is the relaxation, eyes closed, laying down on the floor. And sometimes you may see colours or patterns in the space behind your closed eyes. Well, at least if your mind is not filled up with thoughts or wandering away in the future or in the past. Actually there are plenty of useful tricks one can do in this space when you take a moment to be present there. And surprisingly, it can even help you in your business life. 

Master a situation before you are there

As we have seen in our previous article, visualization is a powerful tool which you can use whenever you decide. It can help you prepare yourself mentally for an important moment, seeing yourself directly in the situation you are about to face in order to feel more empowered and comfortable with it. Whichever way you wish to master that moment, whatever it is that you would like to feel in this situation, you can already see yourself in the moment, in the place, embodying this feeling of empowerment, confidence, strength and calm that you wish for yourself.

Helping thoughts out of your mind

If your mind is filled up with thoughts and you want to take a short break from them, try this method. Close your eyes and see the empty space behind your closed eyes. Notice the colours, perhaps even the textures or shapes. Gather all your attention in this space, no matter how big or how small it seems to you. When a thought tries to take your awareness away from this space, imagine you can put this thought in a soap bubble that moves away with the wind. Every single thought or distraction is a soap bubble and you can quietly observe them floating in that space, disappearing on the side or in the distance just the way they appeared. The best thing about this is that if you try to interact with them, off you go, they will burst out before you can.

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