Two methods every entrepreneur and investor should know.

I was glad to attend the Startup DAYs in Bern this week and to exchange so many views, inputs and inspirations with investors, corporate representatives and entrepreneurs from Switzerland and abroad. As a yoga coach of course, I brought useful and accessible methods so that the 829 participants could make the most of the two days. If you missed the event and did not get a chance to try them out, here is a refresher on how to be at your best for your pitch and how to think clearly before you decide to invest.

The tip to nail your pitch: standing balance.


1. Stand up straight, step one foot in front of the other.

2. Distribute your body weight equally on both feet.

3. Balance here for a few seconds. Remember to breathe deeply.

4. To spice things up, close your eyes and keep the balance.

5. Repeat on the other side, bringing the back foot to the front this time.

Why it works.

In order to balance, your mind has to be completely still and focussed. As soon as distracting thoughts come, you loose the balance. So play with this method and trick your system whenever you need to focus: stand up, balance and get all the focus you need instantly.

When to use it. 

Before you go on stage to pitch your business idea to investors. Use this simple method to empty your head, focus and give your best pitch ever!

The tip to invest smart: skull shining breath.


1. Sit or stand straight, putting the right hand on your abdomen.

2. Exhale forcefully through the nose and pull the belly in at the same time.

3. Focus on the exhale only, the inhale happens passively.

4. Keep exhaling strongly at a constant rhythm (once or twice per second).

5. Repeat at least 20 times and breathe again naturally as you stop.

Why it works

This breathing technique brings you all the oxygen you need to think clearly. It also helps you calm the mind chatter and tune in with your “gut feeling”. You are now ready and alert to take the right decision with confidence and conviction

When to use it

Before you vote when you are in the jury for a competition or if you are thinking about investing in a new startup. Use this simple breathing method to clear your mind anytime you are about to take action or an important decision.

A sincere thank you to Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier and Startup Invest for letting me be part of this amazing conference.

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