My impressions of the Startup DAYs, from the inside.

I attended the Startup DAYs in Bern this week, the biggest event for startups, investors and corporates to meet, pitch and exchange in Switzerland. And even though the main topics on stage were about innovation, financing strategies, term sheets, IPO and exit strategies, I noticed that once you start connecting with attendees on a more open level, other recurring points kept coming up, no matter if I was talking to investors, corporates of entrepreneurs. These recurring points are not about money, nor success, they are much deeper than that and all came from within.

A startup owner in quantum physics confirms that there is a lot of tension and pressure sustained in startups. And if it is not always the founders or co-founders themselves who undergo the highest level of stress, then for sure the first employees who work in newly formed companies do put tremendous effort and energy in it, sometimes even compromising their health.

A freelancer and consultant for a startup shares her story that led her to become so aware of her body and of her health today. She makes a very grounded and calm impression on me, not letting herself being affected by stressful or unexpected situations in her work life. When I ask her how she came to that point, she mentions the burnout and health problems which woke her up to make this shift in the way she works and in the way she can now relate to her self. Not only operating from her brain but being attentive and aware of her body and level of energy as she goes about her many business projects.

An investor tells me that he will be flying 30 times next week and asks me to help him with my yoga methods to cope with this rhythm, nowhere near natural for any biological clock. I show him two breathing techniques which he can use when dealing with jet lag to trigger directly the adequate physiological responses induced by his nervous system. I will quote him on this, these two very simple breathing exercises alone made it worth for him to be there that day.
So as you will see, these profiles and business life stories may be completely different but each of them are strong testimonials showing how much energy, health, mental and physical power we all put into our business lives. Each of these life stories reminded me how crucial it is to be present and to help business owners and employees throughout the world to stay mentally, physically and emotional self-aware, balanced and healthy. No matter what their job title is, how much money their company is worth, how much they can invest or how far ahead they are in their life. No matter who we are and what brings us to an event like this, being aware of ourselves and of our health is the base from which we will be able to operate at our best.

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