Well-being for your team, benefits for everyone.

Bringing corporate wellbeing in the workplace is trendy, but what exactly are you getting out of it? Will your employees benefit from what you want to share with them? For instance, will this corporate yoga session relax your whole team and let them apprehend any future situation with calm and ease? For some, yes. For others, the learning will be elsewhere.

From what we could observe from the REAL LIFE YOGA corporate sessions and workshops we hold at companies, each employee is different and therefore has different needs to be addressed and met through the methods we share. In most lunchtime sessions for instance (unless the session is tailored to specific methods in agreement with the company), we will guide the participants through a selection of breathing techniques, useful stretches to be done at the desk with normal clothes and additional moves to strengthen or release physical stress from specific body parts. Hence, in a session demonstrating a given set of exercises, everyone will take its own key learning. One person will be surprised to realise that she could calm down much more than she ever thought by using her breath. Another will feel his tension in the upper back lessen as he moves and stretches for some minutes. You will find more examples of benefits and direct feedbacks from our clients here.

This diversity of instant benefits is the reality of all workplaces today and of more broadly of our own singularity. Accordingly, companies can be sure that their employees will set their natural focus on what they need the most on that day. This makes wellbeing at work, a valuable and highly versatile element to bring to your team, as it will bring its results in the exactly the right form to each person.


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