Starting the week with focus and energy.

Monday morning may not be everyone's favourite, yet it pays to start the week well. What can we do in terms of corporate wellbeing to help us with this? Even if you have no time nor motivation to hit the gym before work, you can set a great and energising start in your week in only a few minutes and directly at your desk. Discover these three methods in video and make them your Monday office routine. Ready, go!

Reaching up to wake up and breathe better.

This SIDE STRETCH is a good and gentle way to warm up the spine. As we know a mobile spine is a young spine. Yet way too often, we forget to explore its natural mobility throughout our day in the office. So remember, the more you take the chance to move and stretch, the better you can prevent tension from accumulating in your back. Additionally, bending to the side will help you stretch the muscles between the ribs (intercostal muscles), giving you more space to breathe deeper and to oxygenate your brain.

Power up instantly just by breathing.

The ENERGISING BREATH is a powerful breathing technique that will oxygenate your whole system in a minute. Only after a repetition of 20 breaths, forcefully in and out through the nose, you will feel tingly sensations running in your body and in your head. Yes, this is how much energy you have and it is at your disposal whenever you need it, so why not use it?

Focus on the spot with a playful balancing trick.

Our head needs space to think straight and this becomes particularly challenging if the mind chatters as you are trying your best to focus at the same time. When there is too much noise up there, you cannot even hear yourself think. So what can you do when you need to direct your attention to one spot, to one specific task. The solution is STANDING BALANCE. Stand up and close your eyes while you attempt to remain stable with one foot in the front of the other. The trick is that physical balance requires an empty mind. So as you get your body to stand still and focused, focus and stillness themselves will also become necessary in your mind. This is how you end up creating mental focus from a state of physical focus.




You see, a few minutes per exercise will get you exactly where you need to be on a Monday morning - full of energy, mobility and focus - and you don't even have to change clothes or to break a sweat for that. Use these methods over and over again in your week when you need this boost of energy and instant concentration. Your body, your head and your work will be thankful.

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