All well and happy: how happiness makes better workplaces.

As the PWG Conference Day “The Rise of Diversity” approaches, I reached out to professionals in the field who are committed to bring valuable changes to the workplace. And since corporate well-being goes beyond physical health and burnout prevention, there are many inspiring ways to contribute to better work environments. One of them is by increasing happiness at work and this is what Aurelie Litynski, Chief Happiness Officer & Founder of Happitude at work lives by.

"Chief Happiness Officer", you might have heard the term before. Its motto is clear and it has been backed up by studies on employees’ engagement worldwide: “Happy employees are engaged employees”. More engagement, in turn means better performance and less absenteeism (1). As Aurelie puts it, her "mission is to increase the happiness of corporate employees leading to a better performance both on an individual level and on a team level." Which company would say no to this formula and to its results?

Fostering a workplace which is conducive to happiness does not mean distributing ice cream or making work fun for the sake of it.

Fostering a workplace which is conducive to happiness does not mean entertaining your team from 9 to 5, nor distributing ice cream or looking for ways to make work fun, just for the sake of it. As Aurelie explains, "happiness at work is a step by step & structured approach. First by creating more awareness about this topic and then by helping teams implementing a strategy where the employee's happiness is more valued in the workplace." This can be through encouraging clearer and more honest communication and feedbacks channels or by rearranging the open space. Simply imagine the exponential increase in work life quality and the decrease in complaints and miscommunication, if you could make sure that your team members who have a low small talk threshold were not sitting across the floor's most extrovert people anymore?

In that sense, happiness at work is closely related to corporate wellbeing. This is what I noticed last year, when Happitude at work and REAL LIFE YOGA joined forces on a common Meetup in which we shared our tips and expertise for a happier and healthier workplace. Both corporate wellbeing and happiness rely on awareness, observation and a deeper understanding of human factors and individual needs. Bringing the human at the core of the business, respecting and encouraging what they can offer once their professional environment allows them to be at their very best.

Happy employees are more engaged for their company.

Happy employees are more engaged for their company.

(1) For more facts and data about workplace engagement, consult the State of the Global Workplace report (Gallup 2017). Digital copy available here.

Aurelie Litynski , Chief Happiness Officer & Founder of  Happitude at work

Aurelie Litynski, Chief Happiness Officer & Founder of Happitude at work

Aurelie Litynski aspires to increase the awareness on happiness at work in companies and help leaders and employees being successful by creating more work-related happiness in their teams. She learnt about the topic of happiness@work from experts worldwide, became a Chief Happiness Officer in 2017 and created an approach which tackles crucial topics such as behaviour, communication, empathy and trust within companies. Aurelie is originally from the south of France, married, mother of 2 and has been in Switzerland for more than 10 years after living and working in various positions in France, UK and Canada.

Attend Aurelie’s Workshop Performance or Happiness? Success requires both at the PWG Conference Day.

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The Rise of Diversity Conference will explore ways to reshape the corporate culture. Attendees will discover how leading companies have successfully leveraged the potential of diversity to help accomplishing their growth objectives and learn how to implement hands-on solutions in the workplace. Keynote Speakers, Panel discussions, Interactive workshops and Facilitated networking.

Saturday, March 30th at Tamedia.


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