Diversity as professional growth strategy: where can you start?

There are clear advantages to navigate life with an open mind and to welcome inspirations from different sources. As I have been sharing about the approaching PWG Conference Day entitled The Rise of Diversity, it seems natural to look closer at what diversity in itself has to offer. And you would be surprised to see how much more productive and relaxing it can be to count on diversity.

As Jacqueline Michelleto, PWG Marketing & Strategy Manager (The Professional Women’s Group) and co-organiser of the PWG Conference Day sums up: "diversity is not only a matter of justice or corporate social responsibility, but rather an essential component to companies' growth strategy." Take this one step further and you could even see diversity as your next development strategy as a professional.

Think diversity to gather experiences from the best sources.

As I am scrolling through the program of the conference, I can see it very clearly. If you choose not limit yourself to your industry or to your acquired skills, you can draw from an array of experiences and disciplines which will help you thrive in business. For instance, from the keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and even our REAL LIFE YOGA break to keep you fit and energised for the conference, you can learn in one single place and one single day from experts and make your own first-hand experience. Be it in networking, communication skills, happiness at work, corporate wellbeing and more. How could you welcome so much knowledge and inspiration if you were not to accept the diverse experiences, backgrounds and visions from other professionals who share the corporate world with you?


Think diversity to save valuable time.

The very fact that we, as individuals with our own personality, talents, beliefs and predispositions, can realistically only become "experts" in few disciplines, makes it necessary to deepen and expand our knowledge through others. How else could we broaden our horizon and complete our skillset than by having the humbleness to learn from others who have excelled in their field before us? Accepting others as potential teachers, mentors or igniters will not only save you time but help you access the core of their experience, as they have been able to extract the key and practical take-aways which you can then apply directly in your own life. No wonders that professionals groups and communities like PWG are so valuable to their members: “the PWG Community includes women from different industries, cultural backgrounds and age and it is exactly this diversity that makes the group so special.”

Think diversity to relax.

To believe that you have to be the best at everything you do in order to be successful is a sure way to feel unsatisfied, scattered, "not good enough" and to sustain high levels of pressure and stress. However, if you can instead rely on others' expertise in order to complete your own natural talents with additional insights and perspectives, you will be more open to learn and to progress without the unnecessary pressure. With this state of mind, you can start to create meaningful exchange instead of competing and comparing yourself with everyone else. If you can value inspiration, respect and cooperation, then this is where mutual learning, growth and success will start to flourish inside and outside your company.

Are you ready for more diversity? So come with your own personality and strengths and be open to discover how to become a more resourceful person and professional with the help of others.

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The Rise of Diversity Conference will explore ways to reshape the corporate culture. Attendees will discover how leading companies have successfully leveraged the potential of diversity to help accomplishing their growth objectives and learn how to implement hands-on solutions in the workplace. Keynote Speakers, Panel discussions, Interactive workshops and Facilitated networking.

Saturday, March 30th at Tamedia. Get your ticket for the Conference here.


The Professional Women’s Group is proud to be the first and oldest networking group for women in Zurich founded in 1983. For over 35 years they have worked towards developing strategic partnerships with local and corporate businesses and offering both career and personal development opportunities for their community. Today PWG offers 12 monthly events with keynote speakers, 7 Think Tanks (smaller workshops organised by an experienced facilitator), 8 Taster Workshops focused on entrepreneurs and other special partner's events during the year. And for the first time they are organising a full day conference.

All of this is possible thanks to their partners, volunteers and, of course, the Executive Committee - a group of passionate women, who dedicate their time and effort to support other women in Zurich region on a volunteer basis.


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A warm thank you to Jackie, the PWG team and speakers of the PWG Conference Day for contributing to bringing more diversity in the workplace and for sharing their expertise and passion with us.

Picture @PWG, the Rise of Diversity Conference.