Engagement and productivity at work, why awareness matters.

I had the pleasure to co-host an event with Aurélie Litynski, dear fellow french entrepreneur and founder of Happitude at work. And while we shared our tips and experience on how to improve productivity, health and talent retention in today’s businesses, I was humbled to notice that once again, awareness plays a major role when it comes to bringing positive and necessary changes to corporations.

Awareness allows you to ask the right questions.

Is your team not performing well? Are your goals not being met? Start asking your team why - not to judge nor to complain - but with the curiosity to listen, to understand and to find solutions. How do they feel about their project or the atmosphere in the team? Do they feel that their opinion matters, do they sense that their needs are being met? Did they ever asked themselves the question: why do I, as a team member, feel disengaged on this project or in this meeting? What is it that I need in order for me to give my best? Why do I feel tense in my body and keep calling sick more than I ever did? Creating a safe space for your team and each individual to ask questions, to express themselves and to explore within them is the starting point to finding solutions that can be carried out with engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Where to start?

At REAL LIFE YOGA, we are convinced that awareness is the base for the well-being and productivity of your employees at work but also in their daily life. And because all you need, in order to become more aware, is to breathe and move consciously, it is accessible to everyone. Directly at your desk, while you work and without having to change clothes or to roll out a mat. You can learn to use your breath and simple movements to become aware and to improve the way you feel, be it on a physical, psychological or emotional level. 

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Setting new habits: befriending stress and learning to leave it out.

In our previous article, we invited you to reflect on how you have been dealing with stress this year. Slowly reaching for the end of the year and aiming at staying healthy if not becoming even healthier than we have been so far, let’s bring our attention to the stress response itself. Although we give stress all the bad names, it is a helpful and necessary process which is worth understanding better. As for everything, it gets easier once we become aware of it and can adopt a more balance approach towards it. Here is how to get there.

The habit to quit: maintaining the stress levels high.

For those who were still doubting this, stress is in itself a healthy physiological response that helps us run away from danger and be ready & alert for action when we need it. And as nature always looks for balance, phases of stress are usually (or at least should) be limited in time and counter-balanced with phases or rest and relaxation. Actually, what a wonderful thing! The issue with this though, is that if we maintain this state of stress constantly turned on by getting ourselves all busy and overwhelmed, by engaging with negative and judgemental self-talk, and by forcing ourselves to achieve always higher goals even in our free time, we never give our system a chance to rest. And this is not the fault of stress itself, it is how we choose to interact with it, how we maintain it at a constant high level through our behavioural and thought patterns that ultimately depletes us from energy and prevents us from recovering.

The habit to adopt: allowing for a balanced stress response.

Our body needs moments of calm in order to be fully operational. Just as our mind needs to wind down every now and then to allow us to focus when we have to, our body too needs rest, care and stillness. And because body and mind are intimately connected, being stressed and tensed mentally ultimately impacts the way we breathe and physiologically maintain our stress response on, preventing our body from recovering in between. So let’s cut ourself some slack and aim to give our body, together with our mind, moments of true and well-deserved rest, as mindfully and as often as possible. It can be a break or a short walk through the office every hour or 30 min. A moment to breathe, a minute to stretch.

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Setting new habits: knowing your stress better.

As mentioned in our previous blog post, we are slowly but surely reaching for the end of the year. Time for us to reflect on what worked best and what worked less. You may see it from a project or achievement perspective but how about the way you have been handling stressful situations in your business and personal life? Here is a short outline to help you see how you have been dealing with stress and how you could change this starting next year.

Answering the simple question.

When colleagues, family and friends ask you how you have been doing and you find yourself answering, “Oh I’m so busy!”, for sure you are doing like most of us. Being busy has become a trendy answer to give. But even though this became an automatism, just think for a second how repeating that you are so busy strengthens the belief that you really do not have any time for yourself. So that even if you wished to “have” more time, it makes it more difficult for you to simply “make” the time. See the paradox? So If you want to be master of your own time, start by giving a conscious answer that goes along this more positive outlook: time is yours to spend as you decide and no, there is nothing trendy, nor relaxing, nor sustainable in overbooking yourself.

to be more in control of your time, describe yourself other than as a busy person.

to be more in control of your time, describe yourself other than as a busy person.

Answering another simple question.

“How are you? - I’m fine.” Being fine is another widespread answer, which most of the time does not reflect at all how you really are doing. Start asking yourself honestly “how do I feel today, how do I feel right now?”. Even better, ask yourself “how is my body feeling today?”. You will come up with a whole new world of answers that are closer to your actual state of being and might help you understand for instance why it is difficult for you to focus today or why you lack motivation.

Responding vs. reacting.

Take a moment to bring to your memory stressful moments that you encountered this year at work or in your personal life. Can you remember how you felt in your body, what were the thoughts & beliefs running in your mind? How did you react then and was your response in this situation the one you would have liked to have today? Do not judge yourself for what is in the past. Rather try to observe and acknowledge if you often found yourself reacting emotionally to the hectic around you without much control or if you could manage to respond in a way that you would consider to be responsible, calm and confident still to this day.

Giving yourself time to breathe.

An all time favourite! Can you remember that you took a conscious moment for yourself to breathe deeply yesterday, last week, last month… this year? Right there, in the middle of a meeting, in the coffee break, in the bus, at the dinner table, at your parent’s place. Wherever you have been, whenever you experienced an uncomfortable situation, the anxiety before a presentation or feeling stuck in a discussion or a negotiation. Did you let yourself breathe deeply then? Just for a few breaths, focusing on the sensation in your body and allowing yourself to step back from the situation? It may seem like a simplistic solution, but breathing helps tremendously and can impact directly the way you feel by turning on the relaxation response in your system or getting you ready for action. But do not worry, if you did not use your breath to its full potential yet, be assured that it is never too late to try.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Then you are all set to get the good habits going for the New Year, feeling more empowered, resilient, in control and calmer, no matter what comes your way. Make sure to check our NEW YEAR specials, as a workshop at your company or as an event session to include to your team event or meeting,

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Stress management & productivity at your desk: on awareness (part 3).

All we need to start living a more sustainable and empowered business life is to breathe and to move consciously, and this can only happen if you are aware of it. To wrap up our series of articles following our interview on CNNMoney Switzerland last week, we will show you how and why awareness is the base of everything, from wellbeing to productivity including stress management.

It all starts with awareness.

Whether you are using your breath or learning to move consciously at your desk, everything starts with awareness. This means being aware of your body, of your state of mind and of your current mood or energy level. Unlike what we may think at first, awareness is actually simple to develop and to use every single day in our business and personal lives, while we work, commute, sit, walk or stand up. And REAL LIFE YOGA gives you exactly the right methods for that, wherever you are, online or directly at your desk and only in a few minutes.

Awareness is simple to develop and to use every single day in our business and personal lives.


Awareness, your new favourite business perk.

By being aware and acting directly on how our body feels and how our breath flows, not only are we helping our body release physical tensions and our nervous system respond accordingly to what we need, but we can boost our psychological and emotional well-being. As we become more aware in our corporate environment, we can start to actively take care of our self while we work and this makes us feel empowered and more positive about ourselves. From a state of being stressed and overworked, we can choose and make the change to a state in which we feel safe, conscious and in control of our well-being and this brings us to a major shift in the way we work and live our business life.

How to start bringing more awareness, step by step into your busy life?

Simply taking a minute every now and then to tune in, observing your breath and listening to your body. It is simple, takes only a minute and does not require you to go anywhere or to change clothes, so you may just as well try it right away, really. For more information about how being aware can empower your life, read on this article: The power of awareness & how to start using it today.

Do you need further guidance to incorporate more awareness and start making this shift in your business life? Then schedule your FREE 30min Discovery Call with us.

Change does not happen in workshops, not even after.

Are you looking for the next workshop or program to get your team enrolled in, hoping that this will bring your people through a major shift and successful learning experience for your business? Well I am sorry to tell you this, but no matter the workshop it will not quite get you there. Why? This is what I am sharing with you today.

Among the many inspirational insights I received at the Hacking HR event in Zurich last week, there is another one I wanted to share with you and it is about learning. Or rather unlearning. So-Young Kang, Chief Energizer at gnowbe, a mobile first platform for micro-learning, got us to face this appalling fact: according to adult learning research, you will forget what you have learned even in the best and most insightfully life changing workshop after 2,5 days. Well, this is worth investing premiums in programs for your top executives, isn’t it?

The solution to this is simple: to actually retain the valuable information and knowledge we have gathered until we can proudly say we have made it our own, we need to learn, to think, to apply, to share and to have fun. Naturally, this requires a little bit of commitment and motivation if you are going to spend the time to apply these new skills and share them with others in order to integrate them. But since fun shall be part of the process too and that a few minutes every now and then will do the job for you, it is even better and easier to learn that way. And this is exactly what you can do with gnowbe. The micro-learning content has been developed for your phone primarily, so it is always accessible for you to use anytime and anywhere you are. We all know how much time we spend on these devices so why not use them to learn something new while we are at it?

On top of agreeing completely with these insightful findings that are supported by research, I also realised that this is exactly what I was implementing with the REAL LIFE YOGA coaching for business and private clients. Although we do run workshops for companies and discovery calls for private clients, these are a first, fun and necessary step to raise awareness. Where the real magic happens though, is in the coaching.

It is by giving you simple methods to relax on the spot or to get more energy and focus within a few minutes in the moment you need them, that you can truly make these methods your own and integrate them in the way you operate in your job. Using and applying the tips as you go through your daily life at work, is what brings you closer to an empowered self, in control of your reactions and level of energy no matter what is happening around you. This is how you can truly learn to manage stress and be more productive and resilient in your business life, without compromising your health. And with our online tips and short “how to” videos that we share with you directly on WhatsApp when you need them, you are all set to repeat, apply and even share these valuable tips with your friends, family and colleagues.

Let’s not wait any longer before learning how to live a better, more successful and empowered life, at work, at home or on the go. Schedule your FREE 30min discovery call with us, whether it is for you or for your business. We will take it from there and look forward to hearing from you.