Well-being for your team, benefits for everyone.

Bringing corporate wellbeing in the workplace is trendy, but what exactly are you getting out of it? Will your employees benefit from what you want to share with them? For instance, will this corporate yoga session relax your whole team and let them apprehend any future situation with calm and ease? For some, yes. For others, the learning will be elsewhere.

From what we could observe from the REAL LIFE YOGA corporate sessions and workshops we hold at companies, each employee is different and therefore has different needs to be addressed and met through the methods we share. In most lunchtime sessions for instance (unless the session is tailored to specific methods in agreement with the company), we will guide the participants through a selection of breathing techniques, useful stretches to be done at the desk with normal clothes and additional moves to strengthen or release physical stress from specific body parts. Hence, in a session demonstrating a given set of exercises, everyone will take its own key learning. One person will be surprised to realise that she could calm down much more than she ever thought by using her breath. Another will feel his tension in the upper back lessen as he moves and stretches for some minutes. You will find more examples of benefits and direct feedbacks from our clients here.

This diversity of instant benefits is the reality of all workplaces today and of more broadly of our own singularity. Accordingly, companies can be sure that their employees will set their natural focus on what they need the most on that day. This makes wellbeing at work, a valuable and highly versatile element to bring to your team, as it will bring its results in the exactly the right form to each person.


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Why showers are not needed in your office.

While presenting the REAL LIFE YOGA sessions for a Leadership workshop, I was explaining how easily our office-yoga sessions could be included right before the start of a full-day program. Yet, the point that stroke me again as a key benefit for my prospect was not the one I expected: it was the “no-need-for-shower”!

I keep repeating this over and over again: "with our yoga methods adapted to the workplace and to any meeting or conference settings, there is no need to roll out yoga mats, no need to change clothes, not even to take a shower afterwards”. And this is, I believe, a pillar of corporate yoga as most of the time still, companies and event venues do not provide the infrastructure for physical workouts. And even if well-being measures at work are rightly so increasing, it is not necessary nor possible for every company to turn their workspace into a gym. So yes, it is logical to adapt the exercises to these places. And even more so, it is necessary to provide companies with services that respect their teams’ busy agenda. With services that make it, not only possible but, easier for them to experience the benefits of their session. Without adding more stress for taking time off lunch break or adding another rush between the meetings, the phone calls and the yoga session.

If well-being measures at work are increasing, it is not possible for every company to turn their workspace into a gym.


If we are here to help business professionals manage their stress better, remove mental clutter and be in control of their emotions and their time, we shall do this from the start. From the very way we conceive and provide this service in their professional environment: truly integrated in real life and literally “off the mat”.  

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How to get your resolutions back on track?

Time has come to take our resolutions for next year. Whether you believe you will hold on to them or not, they are for sure a good opportunity to think and reflect on what serves us in our lives and what we could instead do better and differently in the future. Let’s dive into this with a concrete example, my blog posts.

As you know, I have started a 100-day blog challenge in September, which by now should be over and completed. The fact is: it isn’t. Why? Because I have let other matters that seemed more urgent or important get me sidetracked from my initial goal. What do I do now with this initial commitment and how do I move further with a resolution that I once took and dropped?


Step 1: understand what did not work.

When I started my 100-day blog challenge, I decided at the same time to wake up at 5am every morning to write because this is when my writing juice is at its peak. The issue with this is that life, late nights and sleep depravation took over. My "writing challenge" was bound to my other and actually bigger "early bird challenge", which made it difficult if not unrealistic to sustain both of them over months. 

Step 2: remember why I took the commitment.

What is my motivation behind writing blog articles? Why does it matter so much that I want to carry it out? What I understood in the process of writing blog articles regularly is that I had way more to tell than I initially thought. I could allow myself to be authentic, to share my knowledge, reflections and inputs in a way that I enjoy particularly and that I want to get better at: writing. Plus it is a good exercise to articulate thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Not to forget that it is a valuable reminder of my big WHY, it reminds me day after day why I started REAL LIFE YOGA, why it matters to me so much to help professionals be conscious of their health, of their emotional and psychological states of being at work. And this is worth taking my blog articles seriously, with generosity, curiosity and passion.

Step 3: reframe my initial goal.

Learning from this first experience, I know that writing blog articles is a goal on its own and that each article matters far more than the frequency of my writing. So without adding up other imperatives to it such as the 5 am alarm clock or the daily rhythm, I choose to reframe my writing goal as follows: 100 blog articles for 2019. To keep good track of my progress, I will number them and to be completely honest with myself, I will start from zero again, this article being number one.

Step 4: start again.

Here we are, starting to write again with this article marking the fresh start of my blog-writing adventure. 

I hope this inspires you to give your goals and resolutions for 2019 a fair and honest try. Even if you once abandoned or found excuses not to stick to them, take a moment and the courage to face them. Ask yourself what worked and what did not, remind yourself why you started in the first place and what value does it bring to your life. Once you are clear about this and ready, give yourself a good pat on the shoulder, breathe deeply and give it a great start!

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Engagement and productivity at work, why awareness matters.

I had the pleasure to co-host an event with Aurélie Litynski, dear fellow french entrepreneur and founder of Happitude at work. And while we shared our tips and experience on how to improve productivity, health and talent retention in today’s businesses, I was humbled to notice that once again, awareness plays a major role when it comes to bringing positive and necessary changes to corporations.

Awareness allows you to ask the right questions.

Is your team not performing well? Are your goals not being met? Start asking your team why - not to judge nor to complain - but with the curiosity to listen, to understand and to find solutions. How do they feel about their project or the atmosphere in the team? Do they feel that their opinion matters, do they sense that their needs are being met? Did they ever asked themselves the question: why do I, as a team member, feel disengaged on this project or in this meeting? What is it that I need in order for me to give my best? Why do I feel tense in my body and keep calling sick more than I ever did? Creating a safe space for your team and each individual to ask questions, to express themselves and to explore within them is the starting point to finding solutions that can be carried out with engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Where to start?

At REAL LIFE YOGA, we are convinced that awareness is the base for the well-being and productivity of your employees at work but also in their daily life. And because all you need, in order to become more aware, is to breathe and move consciously, it is accessible to everyone. Directly at your desk, while you work and without having to change clothes or to roll out a mat. You can learn to use your breath and simple movements to become aware and to improve the way you feel, be it on a physical, psychological or emotional level. 

Are you ready to start next year with better habits for your team in terms of health prevention, stress management, motivation and productivity? Then make sure you check our NEW YEAR specials! As a workshop at your company or as a shorter session to include to your team event or meeting, we will help you bring more awareness in the way you work and make 2019 a wonderful, stress-proof and healthy year.

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Setting new habits: befriending stress and learning to leave it out.

In our previous article, we invited you to reflect on how you have been dealing with stress this year. Slowly reaching for the end of the year and aiming at staying healthy if not becoming even healthier than we have been so far, let’s bring our attention to the stress response itself. Although we give stress all the bad names, it is a helpful and necessary process which is worth understanding better. As for everything, it gets easier once we become aware of it and can adopt a more balance approach towards it. Here is how to get there.

The habit to quit: maintaining the stress levels high.

For those who were still doubting this, stress is in itself a healthy physiological response that helps us run away from danger and be ready & alert for action when we need it. And as nature always looks for balance, phases of stress are usually (or at least should) be limited in time and counter-balanced with phases or rest and relaxation. Actually, what a wonderful thing! The issue with this though, is that if we maintain this state of stress constantly turned on by getting ourselves all busy and overwhelmed, by engaging with negative and judgemental self-talk, and by forcing ourselves to achieve always higher goals even in our free time, we never give our system a chance to rest. And this is not the fault of stress itself, it is how we choose to interact with it, how we maintain it at a constant high level through our behavioural and thought patterns that ultimately depletes us from energy and prevents us from recovering.

The habit to adopt: allowing for a balanced stress response.

Our body needs moments of calm in order to be fully operational. Just as our mind needs to wind down every now and then to allow us to focus when we have to, our body too needs rest, care and stillness. And because body and mind are intimately connected, being stressed and tensed mentally ultimately impacts the way we breathe and physiologically maintain our stress response on, preventing our body from recovering in between. So let’s cut ourself some slack and aim to give our body, together with our mind, moments of true and well-deserved rest, as mindfully and as often as possible. It can be a break or a short walk through the office every hour or 30 min. A moment to breathe, a minute to stretch.

Are you ready to manage stress more consciously and effectively in the year to come? Then you are all set to get the good habits going, feeling more empowered, resilient, in control and calmer, no matter what comes your way. Make sure to check our NEW YEAR specials, as a workshop at your company or as an event session to include to your team event or meeting.

Book before December 30th online, set up the date with us for January 2019 and benefit from an immediate discount on your order. We look forward to helping you make 2019 a wonderful, stress-proof and productive year.

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