The art of resilience. Why you need more of it in your business life.

Last week, I attended the Startup Grind event held in Zurich and just like in the last editions, we got the audience relaxed and ready for the fireside chat with a REAL LIFE YOGA session. What keeps me coming back to each event is this wonderful capacity for resilience and optimism I can feel and recognise in each and every guest who has been interviewed. Resilience is a quality worth sharing and experiencing, whether you are in the entrepreneurial or corporate world. So if you haven’t already, make sure you join us for the next Startup Grind to experience what resilience is all about.

Resilience helps you to sustain a doer's mindset.

I am consciously not naming it “entrepreneurial” mindset, because this capacity to take action, over an over again without doubting that everything you undertake is worth trying, is a trait that should be fostered in the corporate world. Whatever ecosystem you work in, you’ll achieve much more if you let yourself the chance to try and learn at ever single step.

It reminds you of how serious or not you ought to take things.

You do not have to be a zen master, nor an advance meditation practitioner or yogi to detach yourself from the outcome of projects and business ideas. Just remind yourself that each task in your daily business life is worth being conducted with care and attention. Give it a chance and the best you can. This is realistically speaking all you can do and influence, the rest is out of your reach, so why blaming or stressing yourself and others?

Remind yourself that each task in your daily business life is worth being conducted with care and attention.


It helps you take responsibility.

Knowing what is your role and scope of action, what are the elements you can act upon and what you can make out of them - all of this falls into your responsibility. Knowing this, you can take full ownership of your decisions. Something didn’t work out although you gave your best? Well, you have learnt and can do better next time, or try it a bit differently. End of the story. Resilience is powerful tool for a sustainable business life and will keep you in the right place. One of a responsible and creative doer, enthusiastic learner and resourceful human being.

Resilience is powerful tool for a sustainable business life and will keep you in the right place.

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Picture @Unsplash Brooke Lark

Clarity vs. quantity in methods and in words.

30 days into our 100-day blog challenge, we have adopted a new approach. One that favours clarity over quantity. You might have already noticed this in our series of articles on breathing, moving and awareness following our CNNMoney Switzerland interview. Each article is now centred around one idea at a time, one inspiration, concept, or yoga method which you can incorporate straight away into your day, in your business or personal life. Here is why clarity is key in sharing and learning and why this matters so much more than quantity. 

Picture @Unsplash Jess Watters

Picture @Unsplash Jess Watters

A shorter read for your busy schedule.

Let’s face it, you are busy enough already, so the shorter it is, the more you benefit from it! 

One piece at a time is easier to digest.

As much as we love to share our tips and to let the writing buzz guide us to insightful places, lengthy articles are not the easiest to digest, are they? It is like having a big plate of pasta, one spaghetti leading up to another which ends up with you turning your fork on itself for hours. In line with a previous article touching upon micro learning, the best way to learn and assimilate new information is through repetitive, micro-sized pieces rather than a big plate full at a time. And this applies for your brain as much as for your stomach.

If you are a fervent defender of quantity and still insist on getting that big plate of spaghetti for lunch, here is a useful tip to help you digest.

So the coaching method, so the blog.

Short and bite-sized articles is indeed what resonates most with our REAL LIFE YOGA coaching principle for easy and simple methods. So just as we give you simple tools that you can use quickly at your desk or on the go to feel more empowered, relaxed and focused, so are we crafting blog posts that you can read in the same amount of time.

For more bite-sized tips and videos to help you be at your best in business and real life, check our Youtube channel and our website.

Why you want to set your own deadlines, even if you think you still have time.

Have you ever felt so clear in your mind about how you wanted your project to look like up to the smallest details yet you do not take action straight away and drag it with you for days and weeks. No matter what it is, your presentation outline, your living room decoration or your next event location, when you can picture a result with such clarity, there is no point in putting it to later. Here is why it pays off to make anything that already exists in your mind tangible to others, as soon as you can.

Procrastination does not feed the right side of your self.

I had a very precise idea of the items that were missing in my website, for months. And even though this was already the third iteration of my business presence online, I knew exactly what was missing for me to feel that I could fully rely on my website as being operational, insightful, informative and easy for my customers to navigate. Of course, spending hours on this fourth version did not seem to be the most urgent action item on my to-dos so I kept dragging it for weeks. In this time, the mental pictures kept paying me regular visits, which in turn reminded my inner-critic that there is still “so much” left that I hadn’t achieved yet. As you can imagine, this is not the greatest boost for your self-esteem nor for your motivation. Plus, it makes it harder for you to focus on all the other tasks you chose to prioritise instead. While you are busy distracting yourself with these, you are still neglecting and not doing the other. 

By putting things to later, you are reminding your inner-critic that there is still “so much” you haven’t achieved yet.

Set your own non-negotiable ultimatum or it will be set upon you.

My ultimatum was the broadcast day in the next 2-3 weeks of an interview I gave. I knew that before that day, I wanted the REAL LIFE YOGA website to have numbers of brand new features: our Youtube channel up to date, the online videos of all the yoga methods and breathing exercises we use in our coaching uploaded on the page, a separate section for each of the services we offer, from corporate, online coaching and real life mentoring as well as an online shop making it easier for my clients to learn, pick and choose the best service for them - all of this in a more colourful and light design. And I thought I would still have time in the next two weeks to drag it a bit further until I’d eventually sit down to do it. Right... I actually had two days left before broadcast and spent the two nights up and working to make all the above true. I knew I could do it and this was now all the time I had. And because I knew exactly what had to be done, I could trust my inspiration and let all my creative juice run freely. No judging or questioning any of the elements that I had pictured.

Spare yourself the panic and negative self-talk by setting a non-negotiable deadline.

Eventually I managed, but I also know that I could have saved valuable sleeping time and spared myself the panic and the negative self-talk if I had set a non-negotiable deadline to myself before. This was my proof right there, that there is no point in waiting before implementing what was so clear to me. So if you don’t want deadlines to jump at you sooner than later, make sure that you set them yourself, consciously, and give your very best to honour them.


And here it is, our brand new and beautiful website! Make sure you visit, say hi, sign up for your free 30min discovery call and share any input or question you may have. We are happy to help and to hear from you.

The yoga tips I used for my first broadcast interview.

I was delighted and honoured to give my first broadcast interview about REAL LIFE YOGA and to discuss why awareness and simple methods to manage stress more sustainably directly at work, are so crucial today more than ever before in the corporate world. And since my job is to coach business professionals to be at their best, no matter what challenges they face, I used some of my yoga tips as I prepared myself to speak in front of their cameras. This is what I gladly share with you today.

Breathe, any way you need. Because breathing is such an amazing and powerful tool to use anytime and anywhere you like, I have implemented different breathing techniques in my mental and physiological preparation: as a wrote my notes, as I was waiting before entering the recording studio or even incognito in the make up room. Depending on how you would typically feel before such an exciting opportunity, you may want to use just one or several of the techniques I have described below. As always, be aware of how you and your body feel first to know what you need in this very situation.

Breathe out to clear your mind.

As you prepare your speech or your notes and want to make sure that you do not forget any important points there, use this breathing technique to clear your mind and focus better. For this, exhale forcefully through the nose while pulling your abdomen inward. The inhale remains passive so only focus on exhaling and moving your belly in at the same time. Repeat 30 times, exhaling once or twice per second.

Breathe inside your belly to calm down.

When you feel the peak of anxiety rising up, your heart pumping in your chest and your heart beat resonating in your head, take a moment to breathe in your belly. Put your right hand on your lower abdomen and take a few deep breaths here. By doing so, you will trigger a relaxation response in your nervous system and be able to calm yourself down within a few seconds.

Breathe forcefully to be alert and ready.

Do you want to share your message with confidence and conviction? Do you want to make a powerful impression with all the energy and presence you have within you? Then breathe in and out through the nose forcefully and at a faster rhythm (one complete breath within a second). As you do so, really make sure that you inhale and exhale as much air as you can in each of these short breaths. It should feel like you are pumping the air in and out of your system. Do this for 20 times and you will notice a great buzz of energy going through the body up to the head. Now you are fully awake and ready to roll.


Try these breathing methods and let me know how it goes for you. Do you need further guidance? Then reach out for a 30 min discovery call. Together we can take a closer look at the challenge you face in your business life and find the rights methods to help you handle them with calm and power.

It is all in the mindset! And this applies to being an entrepreneur.

As I launched REAL LIFE YOGA almost a year ago, I did not realise that this made me an entrepreneur. What does it actually mean to be an entrepreneur and how do you make that big step in the unknown? There is one great reality about the startup scene that I would like to share: it is a vibrant, inspiring and amazingly humbling ecosystem. From exchanging with a great amount of fellow startup owners and advising others who are just finding their way into entrepreneurship, I gathered following tips that will help you in your journey.

Put yourself out, today!

Your website, logo and business cards do not have to be perfect for you to start talking about your business so do not hide behind them. Believe me, they will change so the longer you take them as an excuse to stay shy, the more time and inputs you will miss on. And even though thanks to my background in advertising I had a fair idea on how to brand myself, I still made a complete rebranding after 6 months and changed my website already 3 times within the first year. So why stress and worry about your logo? Do not wait, things change and your brand will as well. 

Although I come from advertising, I made a complete rebranding after 6 months and changed my website already 3 times within the first year.

Getting in front of the camera was one of my biggest challenges as a business owner. Now I know I can & I love it! Location: @Kosmos in Zurich

Getting in front of the camera was one of my biggest challenges as a business owner. Now I know I can & I love it! Location: @Kosmos in Zurich

Be ready to network.

A big part of being your own boss and your own brand is that events become a crucial part of your new business life. Attend events about entrepreneurship and any topic related to what you offer or to what you could use and learn for your activity. Get your self-confidence on and speak to people. If you exchange with other startup owners, great! You can learn from their experience, grow your network and build up cooperation or bartering opportunities. And if you end up booking yourself up every evening of the week, you will most probably know that you have had enough inputs for now.

Pitch pitch and pitch.

Talk to potential clients and to other entrepreneurs. Pitching allows you to refine your service, to gain clarity on the problem you are aiming to solve with your business and to iterate on the solution you are providing. But even further than that, ask for feedback, see how people react, notice how you feel when you talk about your service and become very conscious of what you say and how you say it. Beyond the strategic adjustment, pitching is a wonderful self-growth exercise because you will be face darker parts of your self and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. So use your pitch as a wonderful chance to work on your business as a business owner and on your Self as an individual.

Pitching is a wonderful self-growth exercise. You will face darker parts of your self and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Take action and if you don’t know how, then find out.

What helped me the most to act as an entrepreneur and to understand what it takes, was to take part in competitions and listen to talks from entrepreneurs such as in Startup Weekends, Startup Days or Startup Grind events. They are the best mental training I could think of and in the end, you are your own business coach, so you better spend time with people and in environments that take you to the top of your capacities. These will lift you up with positive energy and driven people, will allow you to shift your mindset and learn key methods to live differently your business: go out, pitch, validate, exit perfection, try, fail and learn. Over and over again. Of course, do not forget breathing in between.

Spend time with people and in environments that take you to the top of your capacities.

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