The key to your productive afternoon is in the twist.

The afternoon is coming and your are looking for a quick and easy tip to avoid the midday slumber? Look no further, this short exercise will help you get your power back and even help you digest. So among all the methods we use in REAL LIFE YOGA, my tip for you today is a twist. And it can be done directly at your desk with whatever clothes you have on, and no matter what you ate just before. Here you go directly to the youtube video.

The spinal twist step by step:

1. Sit up straight, back of the chair behind you or to your right side, feet, knees and hips in one line. 

2. Inhale: take your right arm up and reach for the back of your chair.

3. Put your left hand on the outer edge of your right thigh to help you twist to the right side.

4. Twist from the bottom of the spine upwards, looking over your right shoulder last.

5. Breathe in your twist 5 more times. Inhale: lengthen through the spine, exhale: twist a little bit deeper to the right.

6. Breathe out and slowly come back to center. Repeat on the other side.

Why it works.

Twists have many benefits. They are wonderful and short ways to refresh your body by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. Because you create a slight compression of the organs in the abdomen as you twist, fresh blood will flow to your organs and associated glands as you release the twist, helping remove toxins and bringing them plenty of oxygen for their good functioning. Also, twisting once or twice a day helps you keep your spine young, preserving its valuable range of motion with this simple movement, especially in the lower - thoracic and lumbar - parts of the spine that are less mobile.

When to use it. 

After lunch or breakfast to improve digestion. When you have been sitting too long and need an easy way to gather your energy and focus for the rest of the day.

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What I learnt by accepting invitations instead of sitting at my desk.

This week I was invited to attend the Infocus conference in Geneva, spreading over two days. While I knew how many things I was planing to work on during the same week and that I couldn’t afford to waste time, I still felt inclined to go for that two-day-trip to the French part of Switzerland.

The decision came when someone asked me how I would you think about it a few years from now. Would I remember the two days where I stayed in Zurich working on my yoga startup or rather the conference I went to, visiting the United Nations for the first time, the people I met and the insights I gathered?

And this is the truth about it. Life has its own way to bring you to places and events that you don’t expect. If you let it happen, the person managing your website’s SEO, will be the one to bring you to the Palais des Nations. It will bring you to places with like minded people, it will make you feel that everything wanted you to disconnect from your to-dos to give you the freedom to find inspiration.

Because this is often where the magic happens. When you allow yourself to step out from the frame that you set for yourself, this is where you become truly free and receptive enough for insights and intuition to reach you. In the span of half an hour while listening to a panel discussion in Russian, three ideas suddenly appeared to me. So crystal clear and laden with the emotional drive that makes you feel: “this is it, why couldn’t I see this before”. And literally, it had been two weeks that I had just been executing tasks which were indeed part of my plan but I was lacking motivation and direction.

So at any rate, it doesn’t matter what you do, if you work on your own business or in a company. Go to places where life and circumstances naturally and unexpectedly bring you to. It will be the right place for you to be right then at that precise moment. It will be the right time to get a refill of motivation and inspiration, for good ideas and connections to emerge, for you to find the energy that will keep you going. So let go of what you think you should be doing, just let it happen and so much more will come to you.