Why you want to set your own deadlines, even if you think you still have time.

Have you ever felt so clear in your mind about how you wanted your project to look like up to the smallest details yet you do not take action straight away and drag it with you for days and weeks. No matter what it is, your presentation outline, your living room decoration or your next event location, when you can picture a result with such clarity, there is no point in putting it to later. Here is why it pays off to make anything that already exists in your mind tangible to others, as soon as you can.

Procrastination does not feed the right side of your self.

I had a very precise idea of the items that were missing in my website, for months. And even though this was already the third iteration of my business presence online, I knew exactly what was missing for me to feel that I could fully rely on my website as being operational, insightful, informative and easy for my customers to navigate. Of course, spending hours on this fourth version did not seem to be the most urgent action item on my to-dos so I kept dragging it for weeks. In this time, the mental pictures kept paying me regular visits, which in turn reminded my inner-critic that there is still “so much” left that I hadn’t achieved yet. As you can imagine, this is not the greatest boost for your self-esteem nor for your motivation. Plus, it makes it harder for you to focus on all the other tasks you chose to prioritise instead. While you are busy distracting yourself with these, you are still neglecting and not doing the other. 

By putting things to later, you are reminding your inner-critic that there is still “so much” you haven’t achieved yet.

Set your own non-negotiable ultimatum or it will be set upon you.

My ultimatum was the broadcast day in the next 2-3 weeks of an interview I gave. I knew that before that day, I wanted the REAL LIFE YOGA website to have numbers of brand new features: our Youtube channel up to date, the online videos of all the yoga methods and breathing exercises we use in our coaching uploaded on the page, a separate section for each of the services we offer, from corporate, online coaching and real life mentoring as well as an online shop making it easier for my clients to learn, pick and choose the best service for them - all of this in a more colourful and light design. And I thought I would still have time in the next two weeks to drag it a bit further until I’d eventually sit down to do it. Right... I actually had two days left before broadcast and spent the two nights up and working to make all the above true. I knew I could do it and this was now all the time I had. And because I knew exactly what had to be done, I could trust my inspiration and let all my creative juice run freely. No judging or questioning any of the elements that I had pictured.

Spare yourself the panic and negative self-talk by setting a non-negotiable deadline.

Eventually I managed, but I also know that I could have saved valuable sleeping time and spared myself the panic and the negative self-talk if I had set a non-negotiable deadline to myself before. This was my proof right there, that there is no point in waiting before implementing what was so clear to me. So if you don’t want deadlines to jump at you sooner than later, make sure that you set them yourself, consciously, and give your very best to honour them.


And here it is, our brand new and beautiful website! Make sure you visit, say hi, sign up for your free 30min discovery call and share any input or question you may have. We are happy to help and to hear from you.

The power of awareness & how to start using it today.

Why is it so important to be aware? Somehow related to mindfulness and yet not as trendy yet, awareness is a concept that is very dear to me and central in our REAL LIFE YOGA coaching, simply because it is the starting point from which you can create a major shift in the way you live, work and love. Let me show you why awareness is so crucial if you want to change your life for the best and how to start using it.

Most of us run through life without questioning the way we live. We are too busy managing all its imperatives, dealing with pressure, deadlines and stress. Why is it that our main concern is how to better manage stress – be it in business life or on the private side, from our team who is underperforming to the missing nanny who shatters our dinner plans – rather than asking ourselves how to create the life we really want to live?

This was the experience of a lady attending the Festival of Doers in Zurich last Friday. With the help of a coach on stage, she listed the 3 main areas of her life in which she had a lot going on: herself, her family and her job. While it was a wonderful and already very mindful of her to list herself as one of the key and most important areas of her life, she only really became aware of all the little things she had to manage and were taking so much energy from her day by day, once they were listed on the flip charts. This brought tears to her eyes and to the whole assembly witnessing her struggle: “I didn’t realise how bad it was!”. This was the power call of awareness.

Most of us run through life without questioning the way we live. We are too busy managing all its imperatives, dealing with pressure, deadlines and stress.

Awareness start with your breath and your body. It allows you to create space to observe, to understand and question thoughts and behavioural patterns that are not serving you. For me, awareness came through my body and through yoga. This is why I made awareness the central element of my coaching toolkit today, the one I want my clients to be equipped with. Awareness teaches you that your body has a voice and that it is worth listening to. Just think about the last time you got sick after or in the middle of a big project. Awareness helps you realise when your mind and social pressure have been taking you too far down the slope of over-achievement, extra-hours and self-criticism. Awareness gives you space to observe, to understand and question thoughts and behavioural patterns that are not serving you. It is the tipping point from which you can start taking action towards meaningful and conscious change.

Awareness start with your breath and your body. It allows you to create space to observe, to understand and question thoughts and behavioural patterns that are not serving you.

A first easy step to train your awareness muscle.

So to start developing awareness, my advice is that you begin with your body. And to become aware of our bodies, we have a wonderful tool within ourselves called breathing. Right now, take a sit and close your eyes. Feel the breath flowing in and out of your body naturally. Do not attempt to change anything, do not judge it. Just observe. Let it come and go. And as you do so, breathing naturally, feeling the air creating this subtle movement inside your chest and abdomen, start listening to how your body feels right now, in this moment. Maybe you notice a spot in your body that feels tense or uncomfortable. Here again without judging, just becoming aware of what your body is telling you. If you can, breathe consciously into that spot, exhale to release the tension a little bit more. Keep breathing there a few more times and when you are ready, open your eyes again and see how you feel.

So start today! You can do this again anywhere and anytime, no reason to wait, no excuses. Believe me, your body is eager for you to take a break and to listen.

Do you need further guidance? Then reach out to me free 30 min discovery call. Together we will take a closer look at the challenges you are facing and find the rights methods for you to help you move forward.

What I learnt by accepting invitations instead of sitting at my desk.

This week I was invited to attend the Infocus conference in Geneva, spreading over two days. While I knew how many things I was planing to work on during the same week and that I couldn’t afford to waste time, I still felt inclined to go for that two-day-trip to the French part of Switzerland.

The decision came when someone asked me how I would you think about it a few years from now. Would I remember the two days where I stayed in Zurich working on my yoga startup or rather the conference I went to, visiting the United Nations for the first time, the people I met and the insights I gathered?

And this is the truth about it. Life has its own way to bring you to places and events that you don’t expect. If you let it happen, the person managing your website’s SEO, will be the one to bring you to the Palais des Nations. It will bring you to places with like minded people, it will make you feel that everything wanted you to disconnect from your to-dos to give you the freedom to find inspiration.

Because this is often where the magic happens. When you allow yourself to step out from the frame that you set for yourself, this is where you become truly free and receptive enough for insights and intuition to reach you. In the span of half an hour while listening to a panel discussion in Russian, three ideas suddenly appeared to me. So crystal clear and laden with the emotional drive that makes you feel: “this is it, why couldn’t I see this before”. And literally, it had been two weeks that I had just been executing tasks which were indeed part of my plan but I was lacking motivation and direction.

So at any rate, it doesn’t matter what you do, if you work on your own business or in a company. Go to places where life and circumstances naturally and unexpectedly bring you to. It will be the right place for you to be right then at that precise moment. It will be the right time to get a refill of motivation and inspiration, for good ideas and connections to emerge, for you to find the energy that will keep you going. So let go of what you think you should be doing, just let it happen and so much more will come to you.