How to keep your mind clear and ready for the best

As I sat down to write this morning, I looked at my desktop that beautifully says “breathe”. And this made we wonder: when was the last time I actually looked at it and breathed deeply as I read this? When was the last time I noticed this word, this powerful reminder behind my folders, behind everything I am busy working on? This desktop is what happens in our minds. And this is how you can keep it clear.

Our mind tends to get cluttered with ideas, thoughts, to-dos and worry, all the time. Be it in our business or personal life, we soon let all its space for self-judgment and our inner-critic to flourish. Soon there is very little room left for positive thinking, motivation, inspiring and aspiring thoughts or action items. And every life coach will tell you how decisively important positive affirmation are. How crucial it is to sustain awareness and mindfulness towards the inner dialog that happens within ourselves. How we can actually stir our conscious and unconscious minds towards a better direction with positive visualization, with gratitude and with affirmations about what we aspire to live. 

A clearer and more positive mindset is also something you can reach using easy yoga methods. If you have time, escaping on a yoga retreat is of course a wonderful thing to do to help your mind and body relax and reset. But here are a few very accessible yoga techniques to help you clear your mind and reset your unconscious anytime you feel the need, anytime your mental workplace is overloaded.


Among all the breathing techniques or pranayama used in yoga, the skull-shining breath, also called “kapalbhati” is wonderful to gain clarity when you need to release your mind from the fog of thoughts and worries.

Setting positive intentions

Also called sankalpa, these intentions or positive affirmations are mostly used in yoga nidra practice to help you reset your unconscious. In yoga nidra or “yogic sleep”, your brain oscillates between states of wakefulness and deep sleep, which allows you to build a bridge between your conscious and unconscious. This is where you can set a conscious intention which will be planted as a seed and will be able to grow in your unconscious for positive and durable change. Simply imagine that you can install a new, more positive and beneficial “software” from which you will start operating instead of letting old softwares and limiting self-beliefs rule your life. 


Working together to emphasise the impact of intentions, visualization is a powerful tool that you may also use on its own, seeing yourself in situations you are expecting to experience soon. Imagine you are about to give an important presentation and you can already feel the anxiety rising up. Close your eyes and see yourself at the moment you step in front of the audience to give your presentation. Feel each of your steps, firm and grounded in the floor, the way you walk, tall and confident. Hear yourself speak, clearly and with conviction, see the faces in the audience, attentive and open to what you have to say. Feel yourself, calm, present and in control.


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It’s ok if you cannot meditate. Breathing is enough.

From all the methods I use in my coaching, be it online or in the REAL LIFE YOGA classes and corporate workshops I teach in Zurich, there is one that amazes me each time I guide my clients through it. And actually it is the simplest technique you could ever think of when it comes to relaxation, yoga and mindfulness.

So here is one wonderful tip for all those who think they cannot meditate, for all those who are stressed and who wish to bring more awareness into their personal or business life, at their desk, in public transport or in the coffee break. You can do this anytime, wherever you are, whatever clothes you wear. Tune in and breathe naturally, this will change your life.

What tuning in and breathing naturally allows us to do is to become more aware of ourselves on a regular basis, training our awareness muscle.

Tune in, step by step

Sit comfortably in a straight position, long back, head tall and shoulders relaxed.

Now close your eyes and breathe naturally. Let the air come in and out of your nostrils, through the throat and down to your abdomen. Do not try to change its natural flow or intensity, just let your breath come and go.

Observe your natural breath

For yourself, just observe how it feels to breathe right here, right now. How does it feel to breathe in my body? Is it deep or subtle? Can I feel my chest or my belly moving together with each inhale and exhale? Can I hear the sound of my own breath? Can I feel the temperature of the air flowing inside my nostrils, slightly cooler on the inhale and warmer on the exhale? Stay there, breathing naturally for 5 more rounds, without attempting to change anything, simply observing and breathing.

Feel your body

As you sit here, breathing naturally, you might start to feel a part of your body that feels a bit tense or which requires more attention from you right now. Let it speak, listen what it tells you, feel it. Now imagine you can breathe anywhere inside your body, not only in your lungs. Imagine your body is completely hollow and that you can consciously breathe into this part of your body which feels tense or uncomfortable. Breathe into that space, go there with all your awareness, breathe out to release a little bit of the tension stored there. Inhale: go into that space inside your body. Exhale deeply: release any stress and tension, just let it go, help it go out of your system with the exhale. Repeat 5 more times. Then slowly open your eyes when you are ready.

Make it your own little yoga challenge, once or twice a day.

What tuning in and breathing naturally allows us to do is to become more aware of ourselves on a regular basis, training our awareness muscle. From there, we can feel more empowered and centered to take action and make better choices in life. Knowing that there is a technique as simple as this to focus on yourself, to come out of your mind, to connect with your body and to feel it. It seems like nothing but it has a great impact. You realise that your breath can help you calm down, it can help you focus anytime you decide. Just by consciously breathing into one place of your body, you can help your body release tensions. How powerful is that?

So make sure you take a moment every now and then, throughout your hectic day at work to tune in and breathe naturally. Make it your own little yoga challenge, once or twice a day. If you don’t have a minute for yourself, simple solution: make it. You can easily trade this minute to tune in with your Self and with your body, let’s say instead of staring at your phone or scrolling down your LinkedIn feed.

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