How to get your resolutions back on track?

Time has come to take our resolutions for next year. Whether you believe you will hold on to them or not, they are for sure a good opportunity to think and reflect on what serves us in our lives and what we could instead do better and differently in the future. Let’s dive into this with a concrete example, my blog posts.

As you know, I have started a 100-day blog challenge in September, which by now should be over and completed. The fact is: it isn’t. Why? Because I have let other matters that seemed more urgent or important get me sidetracked from my initial goal. What do I do now with this initial commitment and how do I move further with a resolution that I once took and dropped?


Step 1: understand what did not work.

When I started my 100-day blog challenge, I decided at the same time to wake up at 5am every morning to write because this is when my writing juice is at its peak. The issue with this is that life, late nights and sleep depravation took over. My "writing challenge" was bound to my other and actually bigger "early bird challenge", which made it difficult if not unrealistic to sustain both of them over months. 

Step 2: remember why I took the commitment.

What is my motivation behind writing blog articles? Why does it matter so much that I want to carry it out? What I understood in the process of writing blog articles regularly is that I had way more to tell than I initially thought. I could allow myself to be authentic, to share my knowledge, reflections and inputs in a way that I enjoy particularly and that I want to get better at: writing. Plus it is a good exercise to articulate thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Not to forget that it is a valuable reminder of my big WHY, it reminds me day after day why I started REAL LIFE YOGA, why it matters to me so much to help professionals be conscious of their health, of their emotional and psychological states of being at work. And this is worth taking my blog articles seriously, with generosity, curiosity and passion.

Step 3: reframe my initial goal.

Learning from this first experience, I know that writing blog articles is a goal on its own and that each article matters far more than the frequency of my writing. So without adding up other imperatives to it such as the 5 am alarm clock or the daily rhythm, I choose to reframe my writing goal as follows: 100 blog articles for 2019. To keep good track of my progress, I will number them and to be completely honest with myself, I will start from zero again, this article being number one.

Step 4: start again.

Here we are, starting to write again with this article marking the fresh start of my blog-writing adventure. 

I hope this inspires you to give your goals and resolutions for 2019 a fair and honest try. Even if you once abandoned or found excuses not to stick to them, take a moment and the courage to face them. Ask yourself what worked and what did not, remind yourself why you started in the first place and what value does it bring to your life. Once you are clear about this and ready, give yourself a good pat on the shoulder, breathe deeply and give it a great start!

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From yoga videos to your best resolutions.

Last week, REAL LIFE YOGA was at the Birdhaus, a wonderful social club, co-working, and event space for women in Zurich. And this time we did not give a session but recorded our best tips and methods exclusively for their members. So that as Michelle Gasparovic - founder of the Birdhaus - explained, they can be their best and healthiest self while working on their project! Now, what are these recorded tips all about?

From all the methods, breathing techniques and simple moves that we use in our REAL LIFE YOGA coaching & sessions, we chose our favourites to create short corporate wellness breaks on screen.

Why have yoga inspired methods in video? Because you can use any of these directly at your desk, with your normal clothes on and just in a few minutes, whenever you decide. For instance if want to feel more relaxed, energetic, focused or productive. Whatever you need right in that moment, there is the right series of short & accessible exercises for you.

There is the stress manager. This series will help you calm down and clear the fog in your mind, when you feel overwhelmed and that you need to think straight.

The tension release will give you a quick posture check so that you know what it is like to sit straighter and healthier at your desk. Hunched back and tensions in the neck & shoulders, goodbye!

The energy boost will help you get your motivation, alertness and focus back on track. This is a real effectiveness and to-do list pleaser that will allow you to wake up from the deepest midday slumber and to keep making the most of your day.

To experience these series directly at the Birdhaus, on screen or in live sessions (stay tuned for more info on these), make sure you visit!

Michelle, founder of the Birdhaus (on the left) welcomes us to share the real life yoga methods with their members, on screen and in live,

Michelle, founder of the Birdhaus (on the left) welcomes us to share the real life yoga methods with their members, on screen and in live,

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The art of resilience. Why you need more of it in your business life.

Last week, I attended the Startup Grind event held in Zurich and just like in the last editions, we got the audience relaxed and ready for the fireside chat with a REAL LIFE YOGA session. What keeps me coming back to each event is this wonderful capacity for resilience and optimism I can feel and recognise in each and every guest who has been interviewed. Resilience is a quality worth sharing and experiencing, whether you are in the entrepreneurial or corporate world. So if you haven’t already, make sure you join us for the next Startup Grind to experience what resilience is all about.

Resilience helps you to sustain a doer's mindset.

I am consciously not naming it “entrepreneurial” mindset, because this capacity to take action, over an over again without doubting that everything you undertake is worth trying, is a trait that should be fostered in the corporate world. Whatever ecosystem you work in, you’ll achieve much more if you let yourself the chance to try and learn at ever single step.

It reminds you of how serious or not you ought to take things.

You do not have to be a zen master, nor an advance meditation practitioner or yogi to detach yourself from the outcome of projects and business ideas. Just remind yourself that each task in your daily business life is worth being conducted with care and attention. Give it a chance and the best you can. This is realistically speaking all you can do and influence, the rest is out of your reach, so why blaming or stressing yourself and others?

Remind yourself that each task in your daily business life is worth being conducted with care and attention.


It helps you take responsibility.

Knowing what is your role and scope of action, what are the elements you can act upon and what you can make out of them - all of this falls into your responsibility. Knowing this, you can take full ownership of your decisions. Something didn’t work out although you gave your best? Well, you have learnt and can do better next time, or try it a bit differently. End of the story. Resilience is powerful tool for a sustainable business life and will keep you in the right place. One of a responsible and creative doer, enthusiastic learner and resourceful human being.

Resilience is powerful tool for a sustainable business life and will keep you in the right place.

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Your employees HAVE resources, they ARE NOT resources to use and replace.

I attended the first Hacking HR event in Zurich last week. A wonderful initiative that gathered a panel of HR professionals and experts to question the reality and the future of human resources, sparking a lot of disruptive conversations, in relation to learning, to AI, to culture and to the “resources” themselves. If you are looking for how this relates to giving your team the tools to be at their best, no matter what challenges they face in their business life, then be my guest and read on.

One key element that caught my attention was the newly acknowledged necessity that each person within a company ought to be treated and considered as a talent. Without positively discriminating a few and enrolling them in so-called talent programs while negatively discriminating the others by leaving them figure it all out by themselves in their day-to-day job. This was the point made by Liliane Kuert and rightly so, she compared this with playing in an orchestra. Would you pay a high price ticket to come listen to an orchestra in which only the soloist is worth listening to and the rest of the orchestra, well… kind of plays and does its own thing? As a manager, is this how you want your business to look or sound like?

Well, this is exactly the point, if you want an orchestra or your company to be playing at the very best of its capacity, you need wonderful people that have an intrinsic motivation to give the best they have at work, every single day. And this won’t work because you have put a few of them in the spotlight of being a “talent” while the others are considered “valuable resources”. You need to give every one of them the room and legitimacy to take on their role seriously, with responsibility, confidence and empowerment, as if this role was the best they ever had.

When you take a moment to consider the reality of stress in the corporate world, you can come exactly to the same conclusion. There are not just those who are better at handling it and all the others who don’t and will go for back problems, sick leaves and burnouts. There should be no such thing as full-on mindfulness training for your top manager and leaders only, while the rest of your employees who work at the front shall attempt to manage stress without any help on top of their other projects. The truth is that you, as a company, have a pool of highly skilled and talented people who simply need the space and guidance to be able to tap into the resources they already have within themselves in order to be at their best.

And if you are still unsure about how to do this, then simply know that it can be done through each and every one of them becoming more aware of themselves while they work, by knowing how to breathe and move simply in any given situation to be in control of the way they handle, react and sustain challenges that come to them in their business life. This is what we do in REAL LIFE YOGA and I invite you to watch our video to open your eyes as to what your team is capable of when it is given the methods to be successful and sustainable in their day-to-day life, inside and outside their business.


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The key to your productive afternoon is in the twist.

The afternoon is coming and your are looking for a quick and easy tip to avoid the midday slumber? Look no further, this short exercise will help you get your power back and even help you digest. So among all the methods we use in REAL LIFE YOGA, my tip for you today is a twist. And it can be done directly at your desk with whatever clothes you have on, and no matter what you ate just before. Here you go directly to the youtube video.

The spinal twist step by step:

1. Sit up straight, back of the chair behind you or to your right side, feet, knees and hips in one line. 

2. Inhale: take your right arm up and reach for the back of your chair.

3. Put your left hand on the outer edge of your right thigh to help you twist to the right side.

4. Twist from the bottom of the spine upwards, looking over your right shoulder last.

5. Breathe in your twist 5 more times. Inhale: lengthen through the spine, exhale: twist a little bit deeper to the right.

6. Breathe out and slowly come back to center. Repeat on the other side.

Why it works.

Twists have many benefits. They are wonderful and short ways to refresh your body by stimulating blood circulation and metabolism. Because you create a slight compression of the organs in the abdomen as you twist, fresh blood will flow to your organs and associated glands as you release the twist, helping remove toxins and bringing them plenty of oxygen for their good functioning. Also, twisting once or twice a day helps you keep your spine young, preserving its valuable range of motion with this simple movement, especially in the lower - thoracic and lumbar - parts of the spine that are less mobile.

When to use it. 

After lunch or breakfast to improve digestion. When you have been sitting too long and need an easy way to gather your energy and focus for the rest of the day.

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