Well-being for your team, benefits for everyone.

Bringing corporate wellbeing in the workplace is trendy, but what exactly are you getting out of it? Will your employees benefit from what you want to share with them? For instance, will this corporate yoga session relax your whole team and let them apprehend any future situation with calm and ease? For some, yes. For others, the learning will be elsewhere.

From what we could observe from the REAL LIFE YOGA corporate sessions and workshops we hold at companies, each employee is different and therefore has different needs to be addressed and met through the methods we share. In most lunchtime sessions for instance (unless the session is tailored to specific methods in agreement with the company), we will guide the participants through a selection of breathing techniques, useful stretches to be done at the desk with normal clothes and additional moves to strengthen or release physical stress from specific body parts. Hence, in a session demonstrating a given set of exercises, everyone will take its own key learning. One person will be surprised to realise that she could calm down much more than she ever thought by using her breath. Another will feel his tension in the upper back lessen as he moves and stretches for some minutes. You will find more examples of benefits and direct feedbacks from our clients here.

This diversity of instant benefits is the reality of all workplaces today and of more broadly of our own singularity. Accordingly, companies can be sure that their employees will set their natural focus on what they need the most on that day. This makes wellbeing at work, a valuable and highly versatile element to bring to your team, as it will bring its results in the exactly the right form to each person.


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The practice of resilience. How to start using it today?

In our previous article we introduced resilience and explained how crucial this can be in the life of every entrepreneur and business professional. Now, how can we develop this and incorporate it in all areas of our lives? Each of us can use more resilience in any part of our day, at work, on the go and at home, and here is a way to do this.

Pause, step back and breathe.

It is easy to bit ourself up for a situation, a project or a conversation in which we met a dead end. Although it is now past and done, we can still feel the tension and stress in our body. Our mind replays all the things that could have been said or done differently and we attribute fault awards to everyone involved in the show. Say you missed your tram this morning and are running late for an important meeting. Your are now reviewing the scene, blaming yourself and your cat for everything that went wrong the same morning: from snoozing the alarm to spilling coffee on your shirt; to forgetting to feed the said cat and having to get back in to do so, etc… Now how useful is this dramatic replay to help you go forward? Are you choosing to spoil your valuable time and energy on this or can you wipe off the table and make room for new solutions, for instance getting yourself a uber or calling a colleague to inform about your 5min delay in a sound and calm voice? 

Take a moment to step out mentally of the replay and breathe deeply, preferably in your belly. You can trick your system into reminding yourself that you are safe and that this experience was not the end of the world, whatever its outcome, simply by breathing in your abdomen. You will find yourself free and relax to respond in a better and more constructive way, whatever happened before.

You can trick your system into reminding yourself that you are safe and that this experience was not the end of the world.

Flip the switch from self-loathing to resourcefulness.

The place and set up are the same, the only element that changes is your perspective on this situation. If you replay the faults and guilt related to a past situation that went wrong, indulging your negative self-talk and your inner-critic to rule your thoughts, you are unconsciously choosing to maintain your level of stress. Mentally and physiologically speaking. Just notice how your shallow breath and tensions in your body directly translate and manifest this state of mind. Now you have the choice and as you breathe deeply and allow your all system to calm down, you can feel how tension releases, how this feeling of stress reduces itself naturally. Your mind is slowly uncluttering itself from the negative clouds and allows you to think and see clearly for new solutions and resourceful ways to act upon the present situation. Instead of running around on your way to this meeting and arriving out of breath, confused and tense, you can calm yourself down while waiting for the next tram and use these few minutes to visualise yourself entering the meeting room with calm, poise and confidence.


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Stress management & productivity at your desk: on moving (part 2).

Following on our previous article and our interview at CNNMoney Switzerland, we will guide you through your body today with a simple and quick way to release tension effectively, directly at your desk and without changing clothes. Because all you need to start living a more sustainable and empowered business life is to breathe and to move consciously, with calm and awareness. And as you will see, taking a moment to be mindful and aware of your body while you work can have a major and direct impact on your wellbeing and productivity.

Move to release tensions and prevent them from building up.

We can feel our body and we are the only who can do this for ourselves. This is why it is our own responsibility and no one else’s, to check regularly on how we are feeling physically through the day. Sure, it is easy to get lost up there in our thoughts and to operate all day long from our all mighty mind. But as long as we stay there, we are not making any connection to what our body is telling us and so we miss out on very valuable information. Though, once we start taking our body into consideration as well, we find that we can start to understand and use the signals it sends us to operate at a much higher and sustainable level. 

Once we start taking our body into consideration as well, we find that we can start to understand and use the signals it sends us.

Is your head tense and you cannot think straight? Then, look for tensions at the base.

Do you know that feeling when your head feels constricted, compressed, everything in your mind is blurry, confused and your thinking capacity seems to be momentarily unaccessible? Then close your eyes for a minute, breathe naturally and notice if you can feel any tension in your neck, at the base of your head. Softly tilt your head up and down, breathing in as you look up, breathing out as you bring your chin to the chest. Repeat 5 times. Then move your head from side to side, looking over your shoulders. Inhale as you turn to one side, exhale as you bring your head back to centre. Repeat 5 times again, breathing slowly and focusing the sensations in your neck. To loosen up tensions even further, reach for the base of your head on both sides of your neck with your fingertips and give yourself a little massage. Apply a gentle pressure with your fingers as you walk them on the area, make small circles and see if you can feel any tense spots of knots there. Keep breathing and massaging this place mindfully for a few more seconds. 

Neck moves are a great and effective way to release tensions in the neck, thereby preventing headaches.

Neck moves are a great and effective way to release tensions in the neck, thereby preventing headaches.

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Change does not happen in workshops, not even after.

Are you looking for the next workshop or program to get your team enrolled in, hoping that this will bring your people through a major shift and successful learning experience for your business? Well I am sorry to tell you this, but no matter the workshop it will not quite get you there. Why? This is what I am sharing with you today.

Among the many inspirational insights I received at the Hacking HR event in Zurich last week, there is another one I wanted to share with you and it is about learning. Or rather unlearning. So-Young Kang, Chief Energizer at gnowbe, a mobile first platform for micro-learning, got us to face this appalling fact: according to adult learning research, you will forget what you have learned even in the best and most insightfully life changing workshop after 2,5 days. Well, this is worth investing premiums in programs for your top executives, isn’t it?

The solution to this is simple: to actually retain the valuable information and knowledge we have gathered until we can proudly say we have made it our own, we need to learn, to think, to apply, to share and to have fun. Naturally, this requires a little bit of commitment and motivation if you are going to spend the time to apply these new skills and share them with others in order to integrate them. But since fun shall be part of the process too and that a few minutes every now and then will do the job for you, it is even better and easier to learn that way. And this is exactly what you can do with gnowbe. The micro-learning content has been developed for your phone primarily, so it is always accessible for you to use anytime and anywhere you are. We all know how much time we spend on these devices so why not use them to learn something new while we are at it?

On top of agreeing completely with these insightful findings that are supported by research, I also realised that this is exactly what I was implementing with the REAL LIFE YOGA coaching for business and private clients. Although we do run workshops for companies and discovery calls for private clients, these are a first, fun and necessary step to raise awareness. Where the real magic happens though, is in the coaching.

It is by giving you simple methods to relax on the spot or to get more energy and focus within a few minutes in the moment you need them, that you can truly make these methods your own and integrate them in the way you operate in your job. Using and applying the tips as you go through your daily life at work, is what brings you closer to an empowered self, in control of your reactions and level of energy no matter what is happening around you. This is how you can truly learn to manage stress and be more productive and resilient in your business life, without compromising your health. And with our online tips and short “how to” videos that we share with you directly on WhatsApp when you need them, you are all set to repeat, apply and even share these valuable tips with your friends, family and colleagues.

Let’s not wait any longer before learning how to live a better, more successful and empowered life, at work, at home or on the go. Schedule your FREE 30min discovery call with us, whether it is for you or for your business. We will take it from there and look forward to hearing from you.

The yoga method you will never forget once you tried it.

We all have our secret tips that help us feel better whenever we need. And there is one among the yoga methods we use in our REAL LIFE YOGA coaching that definitely remains in all minds and in all bodies: I am speaking of the eagle arms. They look funny for sure but once we’ve tried them and felt them, they become your best friend for releasing and preventing tension from building up in your back.

On top of being memorable for your mind and for your muscles, the eagle arms are the perfect way to release effectively and quickly tensions in your upper back stored in between the shoulder blades. This usually happens when you have been sitting for too long at your desk, maybe even cramping up your shoulders to your ears without noticing.

No matter if finding new ways to manage and reduce stress naturally in your business life has been your main concern lately or not. Just take 30 seconds to try this easy yoga posture. We promise, it won’t take you long and you can keep your clothes on, stay at your desk and remain comfortably seated in your chair. Ready? Here we go directly to the youtube video.

 The eagle arms step by step:

1. Sitting straight, open your arms to the sides, fingers pointing up and elbows bent.

2. Take the left upper arm on top of the right, hooking the elbows together.

3. Clasp hand palms or try to bring the back of your hands towards each other.

4. Move elbows up & down to find that juicy stretch between your shoulder blades.

5. Stay there and breathe deeply 5 times, letting go of the tension on the exhale.

6. Release slowly and roll your shoulders before repeating on the other side.


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