Why you want to set your own deadlines, even if you think you still have time.

Have you ever felt so clear in your mind about how you wanted your project to look like up to the smallest details yet you do not take action straight away and drag it with you for days and weeks. No matter what it is, your presentation outline, your living room decoration or your next event location, when you can picture a result with such clarity, there is no point in putting it to later. Here is why it pays off to make anything that already exists in your mind tangible to others, as soon as you can.

Procrastination does not feed the right side of your self.

I had a very precise idea of the items that were missing in my website, for months. And even though this was already the third iteration of my business presence online, I knew exactly what was missing for me to feel that I could fully rely on my website as being operational, insightful, informative and easy for my customers to navigate. Of course, spending hours on this fourth version did not seem to be the most urgent action item on my to-dos so I kept dragging it for weeks. In this time, the mental pictures kept paying me regular visits, which in turn reminded my inner-critic that there is still “so much” left that I hadn’t achieved yet. As you can imagine, this is not the greatest boost for your self-esteem nor for your motivation. Plus, it makes it harder for you to focus on all the other tasks you chose to prioritise instead. While you are busy distracting yourself with these, you are still neglecting and not doing the other. 

By putting things to later, you are reminding your inner-critic that there is still “so much” you haven’t achieved yet.

Set your own non-negotiable ultimatum or it will be set upon you.

My ultimatum was the broadcast day in the next 2-3 weeks of an interview I gave. I knew that before that day, I wanted the REAL LIFE YOGA website to have numbers of brand new features: our Youtube channel up to date, the online videos of all the yoga methods and breathing exercises we use in our coaching uploaded on the page, a separate section for each of the services we offer, from corporate, online coaching and real life mentoring as well as an online shop making it easier for my clients to learn, pick and choose the best service for them - all of this in a more colourful and light design. And I thought I would still have time in the next two weeks to drag it a bit further until I’d eventually sit down to do it. Right... I actually had two days left before broadcast and spent the two nights up and working to make all the above true. I knew I could do it and this was now all the time I had. And because I knew exactly what had to be done, I could trust my inspiration and let all my creative juice run freely. No judging or questioning any of the elements that I had pictured.

Spare yourself the panic and negative self-talk by setting a non-negotiable deadline.

Eventually I managed, but I also know that I could have saved valuable sleeping time and spared myself the panic and the negative self-talk if I had set a non-negotiable deadline to myself before. This was my proof right there, that there is no point in waiting before implementing what was so clear to me. So if you don’t want deadlines to jump at you sooner than later, make sure that you set them yourself, consciously, and give your very best to honour them.


And here it is, our brand new and beautiful website! Make sure you visit, say hi, sign up for your free 30min discovery call and share any input or question you may have. We are happy to help and to hear from you.

Change does not happen in workshops, not even after.

Are you looking for the next workshop or program to get your team enrolled in, hoping that this will bring your people through a major shift and successful learning experience for your business? Well I am sorry to tell you this, but no matter the workshop it will not quite get you there. Why? This is what I am sharing with you today.

Among the many inspirational insights I received at the Hacking HR event in Zurich last week, there is another one I wanted to share with you and it is about learning. Or rather unlearning. So-Young Kang, Chief Energizer at gnowbe, a mobile first platform for micro-learning, got us to face this appalling fact: according to adult learning research, you will forget what you have learned even in the best and most insightfully life changing workshop after 2,5 days. Well, this is worth investing premiums in programs for your top executives, isn’t it?

The solution to this is simple: to actually retain the valuable information and knowledge we have gathered until we can proudly say we have made it our own, we need to learn, to think, to apply, to share and to have fun. Naturally, this requires a little bit of commitment and motivation if you are going to spend the time to apply these new skills and share them with others in order to integrate them. But since fun shall be part of the process too and that a few minutes every now and then will do the job for you, it is even better and easier to learn that way. And this is exactly what you can do with gnowbe. The micro-learning content has been developed for your phone primarily, so it is always accessible for you to use anytime and anywhere you are. We all know how much time we spend on these devices so why not use them to learn something new while we are at it?

On top of agreeing completely with these insightful findings that are supported by research, I also realised that this is exactly what I was implementing with the REAL LIFE YOGA coaching for business and private clients. Although we do run workshops for companies and discovery calls for private clients, these are a first, fun and necessary step to raise awareness. Where the real magic happens though, is in the coaching.

It is by giving you simple methods to relax on the spot or to get more energy and focus within a few minutes in the moment you need them, that you can truly make these methods your own and integrate them in the way you operate in your job. Using and applying the tips as you go through your daily life at work, is what brings you closer to an empowered self, in control of your reactions and level of energy no matter what is happening around you. This is how you can truly learn to manage stress and be more productive and resilient in your business life, without compromising your health. And with our online tips and short “how to” videos that we share with you directly on WhatsApp when you need them, you are all set to repeat, apply and even share these valuable tips with your friends, family and colleagues.

Let’s not wait any longer before learning how to live a better, more successful and empowered life, at work, at home or on the go. Schedule your FREE 30min discovery call with us, whether it is for you or for your business. We will take it from there and look forward to hearing from you.

Your employees HAVE resources, they ARE NOT resources to use and replace.

I attended the first Hacking HR event in Zurich last week. A wonderful initiative that gathered a panel of HR professionals and experts to question the reality and the future of human resources, sparking a lot of disruptive conversations, in relation to learning, to AI, to culture and to the “resources” themselves. If you are looking for how this relates to giving your team the tools to be at their best, no matter what challenges they face in their business life, then be my guest and read on.

One key element that caught my attention was the newly acknowledged necessity that each person within a company ought to be treated and considered as a talent. Without positively discriminating a few and enrolling them in so-called talent programs while negatively discriminating the others by leaving them figure it all out by themselves in their day-to-day job. This was the point made by Liliane Kuert and rightly so, she compared this with playing in an orchestra. Would you pay a high price ticket to come listen to an orchestra in which only the soloist is worth listening to and the rest of the orchestra, well… kind of plays and does its own thing? As a manager, is this how you want your business to look or sound like?

Well, this is exactly the point, if you want an orchestra or your company to be playing at the very best of its capacity, you need wonderful people that have an intrinsic motivation to give the best they have at work, every single day. And this won’t work because you have put a few of them in the spotlight of being a “talent” while the others are considered “valuable resources”. You need to give every one of them the room and legitimacy to take on their role seriously, with responsibility, confidence and empowerment, as if this role was the best they ever had.

When you take a moment to consider the reality of stress in the corporate world, you can come exactly to the same conclusion. There are not just those who are better at handling it and all the others who don’t and will go for back problems, sick leaves and burnouts. There should be no such thing as full-on mindfulness training for your top manager and leaders only, while the rest of your employees who work at the front shall attempt to manage stress without any help on top of their other projects. The truth is that you, as a company, have a pool of highly skilled and talented people who simply need the space and guidance to be able to tap into the resources they already have within themselves in order to be at their best.

And if you are still unsure about how to do this, then simply know that it can be done through each and every one of them becoming more aware of themselves while they work, by knowing how to breathe and move simply in any given situation to be in control of the way they handle, react and sustain challenges that come to them in their business life. This is what we do in REAL LIFE YOGA and I invite you to watch our video to open your eyes as to what your team is capable of when it is given the methods to be successful and sustainable in their day-to-day life, inside and outside their business.


For more tips and videos to help you be at your best in business life, check our Youtube channel and our website.

It is all in the mindset! And this applies to being an entrepreneur.

As I launched REAL LIFE YOGA almost a year ago, I did not realise that this made me an entrepreneur. What does it actually mean to be an entrepreneur and how do you make that big step in the unknown? There is one great reality about the startup scene that I would like to share: it is a vibrant, inspiring and amazingly humbling ecosystem. From exchanging with a great amount of fellow startup owners and advising others who are just finding their way into entrepreneurship, I gathered following tips that will help you in your journey.

Put yourself out, today!

Your website, logo and business cards do not have to be perfect for you to start talking about your business so do not hide behind them. Believe me, they will change so the longer you take them as an excuse to stay shy, the more time and inputs you will miss on. And even though thanks to my background in advertising I had a fair idea on how to brand myself, I still made a complete rebranding after 6 months and changed my website already 3 times within the first year. So why stress and worry about your logo? Do not wait, things change and your brand will as well. 

Although I come from advertising, I made a complete rebranding after 6 months and changed my website already 3 times within the first year.

Getting in front of the camera was one of my biggest challenges as a business owner. Now I know I can & I love it! Location: @Kosmos in Zurich

Getting in front of the camera was one of my biggest challenges as a business owner. Now I know I can & I love it! Location: @Kosmos in Zurich

Be ready to network.

A big part of being your own boss and your own brand is that events become a crucial part of your new business life. Attend events about entrepreneurship and any topic related to what you offer or to what you could use and learn for your activity. Get your self-confidence on and speak to people. If you exchange with other startup owners, great! You can learn from their experience, grow your network and build up cooperation or bartering opportunities. And if you end up booking yourself up every evening of the week, you will most probably know that you have had enough inputs for now.

Pitch pitch and pitch.

Talk to potential clients and to other entrepreneurs. Pitching allows you to refine your service, to gain clarity on the problem you are aiming to solve with your business and to iterate on the solution you are providing. But even further than that, ask for feedback, see how people react, notice how you feel when you talk about your service and become very conscious of what you say and how you say it. Beyond the strategic adjustment, pitching is a wonderful self-growth exercise because you will be face darker parts of your self and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. So use your pitch as a wonderful chance to work on your business as a business owner and on your Self as an individual.

Pitching is a wonderful self-growth exercise. You will face darker parts of your self and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Take action and if you don’t know how, then find out.

What helped me the most to act as an entrepreneur and to understand what it takes, was to take part in competitions and listen to talks from entrepreneurs such as in Startup Weekends, Startup Days or Startup Grind events. They are the best mental training I could think of and in the end, you are your own business coach, so you better spend time with people and in environments that take you to the top of your capacities. These will lift you up with positive energy and driven people, will allow you to shift your mindset and learn key methods to live differently your business: go out, pitch, validate, exit perfection, try, fail and learn. Over and over again. Of course, do not forget breathing in between.

Spend time with people and in environments that take you to the top of your capacities.

Do you know that you already have all the resources you need within yourself to start your own business, feeling calm and empowered no matter what? Sign up for a free 30min discovery call and let me show you how you can learn to use your breath and simple movements to help you in any challenging situation!

From zero blog articles to 100... why challenges work!

Why are 30 or even 100 day-challenges so useful? Is it the best way to fight procrastination and to finally get the motivation to take action in a consistent manner? My 100-day challenge is not a yoga challenge, it is about blogging and here is why and how I do it. 

Today is day number 4 of my 100-day blog challenge. For a yoga coach and teacher, you might ask, why a blog challenge? Because of all the to-dos and communication channels I wished to use to spread my message, blog articles are the ones I always kept pushing back to later. So I wanted to rid myself from all the excuses I had found until now and take the time instead to share my inspiration and yoga methods for the business life, every single morning for 100 days. From the most effective stress management techniques at work to practical relaxation tips, from sharing my own experience as a business coach to providing guidance for self-empowerment, the topics are manifolds and there will be plenty of room for inspiration and discussion.

Every single time I mentioned writing blog articles, I was confronted with my own limiting self-beliefs.

Facing the reason behind procrastination.

Let’s face it, there are at least two reasons why we keep putting things off to later. Either they scare you out or they are not that important to your eyes. Writing and sharing was important to me, the proof: it kept coming back to me as soon as I pushed it away. Every single time I talked about new parts of my business I wished to investigate, here it was reminding me that yes, I still haven’t gathered the courage to put it into action. Every single time I mentioned writing blog articles, I was confronted with my own limiting self-beliefs.

And this is exactly why a challenge comes in so handy:

- it forces you to confront your inner-critic with a daily ultimatum

- it helps you build competence and confidence at a new task because you work on it every single day 

- it shifts your attitude from thinking (and eventually wining or complaining at yourself) to doing. How better could this feel?

- it is a powerful self-growth tool. Imagine the mental and emotional shifts that happen when you start proving your inner-critic wrong by taking action. You literally move from a state of victim from your own self-limiting beliefs to a state of powerful and confident actor in your life. If this seems like too much of a step for you, having a partner and friends who will not indulge you playing the self-inflicted victim record is a great help. If you don’t have them yet, make sure you get them in your life or find yourself an accountability buddy or even a coach.

Imagine the mental and emotional shifts that happen when you start proving your inner-critic wrong by taking action.

Taking time is crucial.

For every new habit you wish to incorporate into the real life and not just in your imagination, you have to take time for it. Because hoping to “find “ time somewhere in your schedule that is already full or attempting to “trade” time is not going to do the trick. Early enough, your brain and gut feeling will want to revolt against the item you left out of the agenda and will switch on your inner-critic and distraction mechanisms to send you back to good hold habits that are more compatible with your comfort-zone (remember we talked about that one yesterday?) 

Creating a new ritual.

Waking up earlier was the most sensitive thing for me to do. Think about miracle morning and testimonials of great entrepreneurs who could invest all their creative juice into their company as they woke up before anybody else and could thus work on growing their business before daily business and imperatives kick in. For me it meant getting up a 5:00 am. I used to wake up at 6:30 am everyday for my yoga and meditation practice and I was definitely not going to question or shorten this ritual for another one. So here you go, I get up even earlier and by the time my article is written and online, I am just in time to roll out my mat. Right now it is 6:19 am, good morning everyone!