Why you want to set your own deadlines, even if you think you still have time.

Have you ever felt so clear in your mind about how you wanted your project to look like up to the smallest details yet you do not take action straight away and drag it with you for days and weeks. No matter what it is, your presentation outline, your living room decoration or your next event location, when you can picture a result with such clarity, there is no point in putting it to later. Here is why it pays off to make anything that already exists in your mind tangible to others, as soon as you can.

Procrastination does not feed the right side of your self.

I had a very precise idea of the items that were missing in my website, for months. And even though this was already the third iteration of my business presence online, I knew exactly what was missing for me to feel that I could fully rely on my website as being operational, insightful, informative and easy for my customers to navigate. Of course, spending hours on this fourth version did not seem to be the most urgent action item on my to-dos so I kept dragging it for weeks. In this time, the mental pictures kept paying me regular visits, which in turn reminded my inner-critic that there is still “so much” left that I hadn’t achieved yet. As you can imagine, this is not the greatest boost for your self-esteem nor for your motivation. Plus, it makes it harder for you to focus on all the other tasks you chose to prioritise instead. While you are busy distracting yourself with these, you are still neglecting and not doing the other. 

By putting things to later, you are reminding your inner-critic that there is still “so much” you haven’t achieved yet.

Set your own non-negotiable ultimatum or it will be set upon you.

My ultimatum was the broadcast day in the next 2-3 weeks of an interview I gave. I knew that before that day, I wanted the REAL LIFE YOGA website to have numbers of brand new features: our Youtube channel up to date, the online videos of all the yoga methods and breathing exercises we use in our coaching uploaded on the page, a separate section for each of the services we offer, from corporate, online coaching and real life mentoring as well as an online shop making it easier for my clients to learn, pick and choose the best service for them - all of this in a more colourful and light design. And I thought I would still have time in the next two weeks to drag it a bit further until I’d eventually sit down to do it. Right... I actually had two days left before broadcast and spent the two nights up and working to make all the above true. I knew I could do it and this was now all the time I had. And because I knew exactly what had to be done, I could trust my inspiration and let all my creative juice run freely. No judging or questioning any of the elements that I had pictured.

Spare yourself the panic and negative self-talk by setting a non-negotiable deadline.

Eventually I managed, but I also know that I could have saved valuable sleeping time and spared myself the panic and the negative self-talk if I had set a non-negotiable deadline to myself before. This was my proof right there, that there is no point in waiting before implementing what was so clear to me. So if you don’t want deadlines to jump at you sooner than later, make sure that you set them yourself, consciously, and give your very best to honour them.


And here it is, our brand new and beautiful website! Make sure you visit, say hi, sign up for your free 30min discovery call and share any input or question you may have. We are happy to help and to hear from you.

How to keep your mind clear and ready for the best

As I sat down to write this morning, I looked at my desktop that beautifully says “breathe”. And this made we wonder: when was the last time I actually looked at it and breathed deeply as I read this? When was the last time I noticed this word, this powerful reminder behind my folders, behind everything I am busy working on? This desktop is what happens in our minds. And this is how you can keep it clear.

Our mind tends to get cluttered with ideas, thoughts, to-dos and worry, all the time. Be it in our business or personal life, we soon let all its space for self-judgment and our inner-critic to flourish. Soon there is very little room left for positive thinking, motivation, inspiring and aspiring thoughts or action items. And every life coach will tell you how decisively important positive affirmation are. How crucial it is to sustain awareness and mindfulness towards the inner dialog that happens within ourselves. How we can actually stir our conscious and unconscious minds towards a better direction with positive visualization, with gratitude and with affirmations about what we aspire to live. 

A clearer and more positive mindset is also something you can reach using easy yoga methods. If you have time, escaping on a yoga retreat is of course a wonderful thing to do to help your mind and body relax and reset. But here are a few very accessible yoga techniques to help you clear your mind and reset your unconscious anytime you feel the need, anytime your mental workplace is overloaded.


Among all the breathing techniques or pranayama used in yoga, the skull-shining breath, also called “kapalbhati” is wonderful to gain clarity when you need to release your mind from the fog of thoughts and worries.

Setting positive intentions

Also called sankalpa, these intentions or positive affirmations are mostly used in yoga nidra practice to help you reset your unconscious. In yoga nidra or “yogic sleep”, your brain oscillates between states of wakefulness and deep sleep, which allows you to build a bridge between your conscious and unconscious. This is where you can set a conscious intention which will be planted as a seed and will be able to grow in your unconscious for positive and durable change. Simply imagine that you can install a new, more positive and beneficial “software” from which you will start operating instead of letting old softwares and limiting self-beliefs rule your life. 


Working together to emphasise the impact of intentions, visualization is a powerful tool that you may also use on its own, seeing yourself in situations you are expecting to experience soon. Imagine you are about to give an important presentation and you can already feel the anxiety rising up. Close your eyes and see yourself at the moment you step in front of the audience to give your presentation. Feel each of your steps, firm and grounded in the floor, the way you walk, tall and confident. Hear yourself speak, clearly and with conviction, see the faces in the audience, attentive and open to what you have to say. Feel yourself, calm, present and in control.


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