At work, at home or on the go, there is always a minute to relax and release tensions.

All we need is to remember to do it every now and then until it becomes a habit. This is what our REAL LIFE MENTORING helps you with.



If you get stressed, forget to sit straight or to take breaks regularly, do not worry. The REAL LIFE MENTORING sends you daily tips and clear instructions directly on WhatsApp. Reminding you to move, to breathe and showing you how to do it step by step for better results, day after day:

  • Relax on the go.

  • Calm the mind-chatter.

  • Think clearer and better.

  • Release pain and prevent physical tensions.

  • Improve posture.

  • Remember to breathe.

  • Increase focus & motivation.

  • Decrease stress & anxiety.

  • Feel awake & energised.



Do you need more guidance to improve your health and well-being at work? Let’s schedule a FREE 30min Discovery Call and we will find the best method & relevant tips for you.